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Kingham Primary School aims to provide a safe learning environment for the children in its care and asks for the assistance of parents and carers in supporting this.


Parents and carers should inform the school about children with severe allergies. Staff receive appropriate training in understanding and dealing with anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions and will use this training as necessary.

The school is aware that some children have nut allergies and aims to be nut-free as far as possible. Parents and carers are asked not to send food to school that contains nuts, including peanut butter, nut spreads, and confectionary or cereal bars containing nuts. Children will be asked not to share food and encouraged to wash hands before and after eating.


Photography on school premises requires specific permission. The school permits parents and carers to take images of their children at official school events for their own private use and requests that any such images identifying other children are not shared online or on social media.

Staff and other authorised individuals may record images of children to document their work or achievements. Written consent is required from parents or carers to permit the use of personally identifiable images of children and their work on the school web site and in other media.

Social media

The school has policies in place to cover the use and prevent the abuse of online services and social media by staff and children.

Parents and carers are also encouraged to act respectfully and consider the effect on others when posting on social media.


Kingham Primary School follows the Oxfordshire County Council policy on Child Protection and Safeguarding.