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School lunch

Kingham Primary School is pleased to be able to offer a healthy hot lunch for all children in school. Children may alternatively bring an appropriate packed lunch. Children can state at morning registration whether they will require a school meal. A vegetarian option is always available.

Packed lunch

A packed lunch can be brought to school in a lunch box clearly labelled with the name of the child. This should contain appropriate items that do not require refrigeration. As some children may have food allergies, lunches should not include products containing nuts or peanuts, including peanut butter, nut spreads, and confectionary or cereal bars containing nuts.

School meals

School meals are supplied by Oxfordshire County Council and are prepared onsite by our catering team. The menus are designed to ensure that all meals are nutritionally balanced over the course of a three week cycle. Children can sit together and enjoy their meals whilst developing social skills that are so important in later life. A well-fed and happy child is more likely to be receptive to participating in the afternoon activities.

School menu until May 2024

School menu from June 2024

Free school meals

School meals are free of charge to all children in Reception and Years 1-2. Some parents and carers of children in the Nursery and Years 3-6 may also be able to claim free school meals and other benefits.

The school receives additional ‘pupil premium’ funding for children whose parents or carers are entitled to certain credits or allowances or children that have been previously registered for free school meals. This funding is used to benefit the education of eligible children and is worth over £1,000 per child for each year that they are at primary school, even if they are already entitled to universal infant school meals in Reception and Years 1-2, or bring a packed lunch. The school can use this money to help pay for things like the cost of school visits or music lessons.

Parents and carers are encouraged to enquire about the pupil premium and how it benefits both their children and the school. It simply requires completion of an application form, together with proof of entitlement. Further information is available in confidence from the school office.

Paid meals

There is a charge of £2.55 per meal for children that are not entitled to free school meals.

Meals can be paid for in advance using ParentMail, a secure online payment system. Payments can also be made in advance directly through the school office, on a weekly, monthly, or half-termly basis. The school does not offer a credit facility. If parents are for any reason unable to pay for meals they should contact the school office.