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Kingham Primary School welcomes children and their parents or carers to assemble in the playground from 8.35 in the morning on school days. The school bell rings at 8.45am and class teachers will come to each year group line to collect the children and take them into school. A teaching assistant will wait to meet any children who missed the bell to ensure that they are safely supervised into school.

Outdoor classroom
Outdoor classroom

Please make every effort to ensure that your child is at school on time. If you arrive after 8.55 please bring your child through the main front entrance to the school office where a member of our office staff will greet you to sign in your child. One of the school staff will then escort your child to their classroom.

Morning break is from 10.30–10.45.

Lunchtime is from 11.45 for the Reception class, from 11.55 for Y1-2, and from 12.00 for Y3-6.

Afternoon registration is at 1.00pm and school continues until 3.15pm.

Parents and carers are welcome to come to the playground from 3:10pm to collect children from 3.15pm.

Children can only be collected by nominated individuals that have been previously identified to the school and are known to the child. If there is any change to the usual collection arrangements please notify the school in writing in advance. This can generally be done through an entry in the school diary of the child.