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Kingham Primary School has a highly dedicated staff committed to ensuring that every child is valued and feels confident and secure.

Mr Nicholas Prockter
Mr Nicholas Prockter, Headteacher

The Headteacher is supported by Senior Leaders in the management of the school, including two Assistant Headteachers who share this role.

Each class has at least one qualified Teacher, who may also take the lead in one or more specialist areas. Their role is to care, encourage and listen as well as to teach. They are supported by Teaching Assistants who also work with small groups or individual children.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator works closely with all staff ensuring that children with additional learning needs are provided with appropriate levels of support throughout their time in school.

The Office staff support the business and administrative management of the school and the reception area. 

Governors collectively represent the parents, staff, community and the local authority and meet regularly with the Headteacher to review priorities, policies and performance.