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Kingham Primary School aims to provide a safe learning environment for the children in its care and asks for the assistance of parents and carers in supporting this.


Kingham Primary School follows the Oxfordshire County Council policy on Child Protection and Safeguarding:

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

We have a zero tolerance approach to harassment of any kind – it is never accepted.

Staff agree to:

• teach children about values and relationships

• challenge inappropriate behaviour  (even if it appears minor)

• make clear that sexual violence and sexual harassment is not acceptable

• not tolerate or dismiss sexual violence or sexual harassment as “banter”, “part of growing   

    up”, “just having a laugh” or “boys being boys”

Advice for parents from Kidscape

NSPCC Helpline

The NSPCC Helpline provides support to pupils who have experienced abuse at school and parents and teachers who are concerned about sexual abuse in education settings.

For advice and support, contact their dedicated helpline. It is free, and you do not have to say who you are.

0800 136 663