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The governors have a key role and responsibility in ensuring the success of the school and that children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential at Kingham Primary School.

As volunteers who have been elected or appointed by the governing body on the basis of the contribution they can make to the effective governance of the school, the governors collectively represent the parents, staff, community and the local authority.

The constitution of the governing body and terms of office are determined by an official instrument of government.

The governing board at Kingham Primary School comprises two parent governors, one local authority governor, one staff governor, one head teacher and four co-opted governors. Additional non-voting associate members may also be appointed as required.

Parents and carers are encouraged to become involved, particularly if they have professional expertise or experience to contribute.

The governors meet regularly with the Headteacher to review priorities, policies and performance.

The three core functions of the governing body are: to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; to hold the Headteacher to account for educational performance; and to oversee the financial performance of the school.

Some functions may be delegated to committees that meet separately: Performance and Standards; Premises; Pay; and Finance. The terms of reference for each committee are agreed by the governing body. The governors may also establish working parties to achieve particular objectives.

Information about the current members of the governing body and its committees, including appointment dates and terms of office, are published on the school web site.

Any governance roles in other educational institutions, relevant business and financial interests, or material interests arising from relationships between governors or school staff are declared and published under the declaration of interests.

Governors are expected to attend all formal meetings and a register of attendance is maintained, including the previous academic year.

All formal meetings are minuted and these records, redacted where necessary for reasons of confidentiality, are published on the school web site.

The Annual Report provides information about the role of the governors, their responsibilities and strategic priorities.

Governing body

Mr Richard Alden

Parent Governor
Committees: Health and Safety; Pay; Premises
Birnie Y

Yvonne Birnie

Co-opted Governor

Dr William Cooper

Chair of Governors, Parent Governor
Committees: Appeals; Complaints; Finance; Pay; Premises

Mrs Clarissa Hunt

Associate Member
Committees: Appeals; Complaints; Premises

Mr Jeremy Joiner

Local Authority Governor, Vice Chair of Governors
Committees: Headteacher Performance; Performance and Standards
Jones M

Mrs Melanie Jones

Associate Member
Mr Nicholas Prockter

Mr N Prockter

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Headteacher
Committees: Finance; Performance and Standards; Premises

Rev David Salter

Co-opted Governor
Committees: Complaints; Finance; Headteacher Performance; Pay; Safeguarding

Rev Nick Seward

Co-opted Governor
Committees: Appeals; Headteacher Performance; Performance and Standards

Ms L-A Smith

Staff Governor, Student Mentor, Teacher
Committees: Performance and Standards

Christopher Wheeler

Co-opted Governor
Committees: Finance