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Kingham Primary School encourages feedback from parents and carers. We are always learning to be our best. The headteacher welcomes opinions from parents and is generally available on the playground at the start and end of the school day, or otherwise by appointment through the school office.

An annual survey also provides an opportunity to provide formal feedback, together with comments on strengths of the school and any areas for possible improvement. A summary of the responses is shared with staff and governors. Any areas that require further investigation are acted on and these are reported over the following year. Actions and responses to specific comments are included below.

Survey results

November 2022

Previous year’s figures in brackets

79 responses
(44 responses)
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
My child enjoys coming to school53.2% (52.3%)39.2% (38.6%)6.3% (6.8%)0
My child is safe at school60.8% (56.8%)39.2% 40.9%)0
The school understands and responds to my child’s needs38%
51.9% (65.9%)10.1% (4.5%)0
My child is taught well at school41.8%(47.7%)53.2% (45.5%)5.1% (6.8%)0
My child is making good progress40.5%(36.4%)48.1% (47.7%)11.4% (15.9%)0
My child is encouraged to work hard and do their best46.8%(38.6%)50.6% (59.1%)2.5% (2.3%)0
My child receives an appropriate amount of homework for their age30.4%
45.6% (45.5%)17.7% (20.5%)5.1% (9.1%)1.3%
My child enjoys the range of extra-curricular activities that school provides24.1% (23.3%)53.2% (30.2%)15.2% (34.9%)7.6% (11.6%)0
The school communicates with me effectively about my child’s progress24.1%
49.4% (31.8%)17.7% (36.4%)8.9% (6.8%)0
The school communicates with me effectively about how to support my child’s learning20.3% (25%)57% (38.6%)17.7% (29.5%)5.1% (6.8%)0
The school communicates with me effectively about school events and activities45.6% (43.2%)49.4% (52.3%)3.8% (4.5%)0
The school seeks my views and listens to my concerns24.1% (22.7%)46.8% (52.3%)26.6% (22.7%)2.5% (2.3%)0
There is a good standard of behaviour at Kingham Primary school45.6% (34.1%)43% (63.6%)11.4%
The school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively20.3%
48.1% (20.9%)30.4% (62.8%)1.3% (2.3%)0
The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved48.1% (36.4%)46.8% (61.4%)5.1% (2.3%)0
I think the school is well led and managed51.9% (41.9%)41.8% (41.9%)6.3% (16.3%)0
School encourages my child to lead a healthy lifestyle26.6% (29.5%)50.6% (61.4%)16.5% (6.8%)5.4% (2.3%)1.3%
School encourages my child to respect children from other backgrounds39.2% (34.1%)53.2% (59.1%)7.6% (6.8%)0
My child is encouraged to positively contribute to the wider community32.9%
41.8% (43.2%)24.1% (31.8%)1.3%
I would recommend Kingham Primary School to another family98.7% Yes (100% Yes)1.3% No (0% No)
My child is sufficiently stretched and challenged in their school work27.8% (15.9%)45.6% (52.3%)20.3% (27.3%)6.3% (4.5%)0
The school has high expectations for my child34.2% (22.7%)45.6% (59.1%)19% (18.2%)1.3%
There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school36.7% (31.8%)51.9% (50%)10.1% (18.2%)1.3%
My child is taught about values and how to be a good citizen40.5% (36.4%)53.2% (54.4%)6.3% (9.1%)0
This school is a friendly and pleasant place to visit57% (47.7%)40.5% (47.7%)2.5% (4.5%)0
My child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed (7 responses)71.4%
14.3% (25%)14.3%

Areas of strength

  • Early years team
  • Teachers, location and size
  • I highly rate Kingham Primary School – from the teaching, all the way through to the ethos of the school
  • I think it is a very inclusive school and has the children’s very best interests at heart
  • Teachers know what my children need in terms of learning and help them to keep improving
  • The school encourages the passion for reading from very young ages
  • The range of things that children can get involved in from sports teams to extracurricular clubs to art competitions, there is something for each child’s interests
  • I am also very happy with the Year 6 teacher. Our journey through school has not been very consistent so I am grateful to the whole team for their support in this final year
  • Friendly, welcoming, structured, informative
  • Friendly, small village school in a good location
  • The school community
  • Great teaching and management
  • Lovely, friendly school. We’re so happy here.
  • Strong leadership, music/sport and curricular performance
  • Friendly, approachable staff. DHT always goes above and beyond
  • Always encouraging, has time to listen to our needs. My kids are always happy to attend school, bullying is not tolerated.
  • Teaching the children confidence not only in themself but also their education.
  • Very welcoming
  • Very good communicators about every little aspect about my child’s needs
  • Excellent early years setting
  • Leadership. Community feel and sport (for a primary school)
  • Encouraging each child to do his/her best academically and yet incredibly friendly with children playing across years in the playground and friendly interaction with teachers across the school.
  • We are very lucky to have the number of support staff that we do have as I know in other schools support staff are shared across different classes and year groups.
  • I think that the teaching style is fantastic and superior to other local schools.
  • Excellent staff, SENDCo is amazing, lovely environment to learn
  • Strong leadership team, excellent facilities and location, strong PTA, a good balance between nurturing and academic values
  • It is a warm, caring place where our children are valued. Excellent leadership team. Excellent communication about dates for the diary etc. and we like ParentMail. There are some excellent teachers who challenge and inspire children. Fantastic system of student leadership in place (Head boy, house captain etc.). Being part of the Chipping Norton Partnership. Love the fact that class assemblies are being introduced. Good variety of school trips. Interesting class topics which our children enjoy and engage with. Star of the week. Fantastic support staff. Welcoming and friendly office team. Good outdoor space and garden area. Forest school. Clear, updated policies. An amazing KPSA
  • Its culture of high academic expectations and standards of behaviour; opportunities for pupils to step up and take on additional responsibilities (and a culture where they really want to); its location and grounds; its highly engaged parent community
  • School community
  • Strong values. Good level of education. Good pastoral care.
  • DHT and class teacher, lovely site, HT
  • The nurturing between the years
  • All the children seem so happy to be there. One of the first things I look out for when visiting a new school. Such a happy and friendly environment. Academically it is winning also.
  • Location. New Head has made major improvements.
  • After school & lunchtime clubs, opportunities outside of the classroom (range of sports offered, forest school, school trips, special ‘themed’ days). Specialist art teaching. SMT are very approachable. Fantastic support staff – very good at listening and very positive in their relationships with the children. Nurturing atmosphere – the children are encouraged to be caring and considerate towards one another. The monthly values, house points & class/star of the week really help the children to work as a team. KPSA work tirelessly to support the children and generate fun for them.
  • Facilities inside and outside, large classrooms, safe environment.
  • Staff: The school has a number of exceptional – truly outstanding – members of teaching staff including TA’s. It has great leadership. The admin staff are helpful.
    Pastoral: There is a high standard of pastoral care and support with an attitude based on openness to learning and improving.
    Physical: The school has lots of outdoor space and the standard of the interior and facilities is being upgraded in small but significant ways.
  • With the recent improvements inside, and the great outdoor space, it’s a lovely learning environment. Achievements of children both in and out of school are really celebrated.
    As they move up the school children are given more responsibility in a safe environment.
    HT and DHT have really brought the school community together, and are very approachable.
  • The teachers and facilities
  • It’s small, nurturing and has an amazing outside space.
  • Welcoming, friendly and good work ethic
  • The presence of the Head and Deputy before and after school on case you have questions/problems. Good communication with parents.
  • I think they have a great educational offer combining arts, sports, music, etc.
  • It’s a friendly school, and the teachers are good at teaching them different subjects.
  • Good teachers who educate children very well
  • Welcome environment, location, some great teachers.
  • Excellent staff members; and approachability.
  • Mostly great staff, lots of extracurricular activities, great dinner offerings
  • It has good leadership and values.
  • Inclusivity, positivity and encouragement
  • Excellent breakfast and after-school clubs making it easier for working parents
  • Friendly, welcoming and caring reception from school staff.
  • Wonderful in so many ways
  • They have a strong community sense and encourage positive behaviour in the kids
  • Every child is supported and praised on their own merit, you can tell the teachers really care about the pupils
  • Every child is praised on their own merit, great and enthusiastic teachers who clearly care about the children
  • The staff
  • Strong leadership and a caring environment.
  • Academic achievement is clearly very important to the school and academic standards are wonderfully high. The whole school community is friendly and close-knit, and there is always much effort to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and involved. It is great that there is a lot going on outside the classroom, with clubs and KPSA-led events.
  • Small, friendly, local and supportive
  • Promoting children’s wellbeing and enthusiasm towards learning
  • DHT, after school care, teaching staff in general,
  • I commend the school leadership’s quick response to concerns/complaints. The school’s pastoral care for families with seriously sick children is excellent. Most staff are approachable, friendly and communicate well with pupils and parents.
  • Welcoming and positive ethos and clear values. Approachable leadership and teachers.
  • Mixing between ages, weaving values into day to day, engaging the children through great staff
  • Creative curriculum. Friendly and welcoming to pupils. Staff get on well with each other.
  • Some great teachers, good head, strong KPSA
  • A happy, well-led setting
  • Friendly and happy environment
  • Values, leadership, welcoming
  • Friendliness, rural location, excellent teaching, community spirit, happy children
  • Happy positive atmosphere
  • Sense of community & values

      Areas for improvement

      • More modern facilities
      • Improve healthy habits with healthier food, less food waste, less consumption of sweets and sugar.
      • More time for art and artistic activities. Further promote the development of children’s creativity.
      • More spaces for breakfast and kids club
      • My average kid is not pushed as much as the bright ones and the ones who are further behind.
      • Consistency of teaching staff
      • School should continue to support its emphasis on well-being and mental health
      • Communication of all kinds.
      • Greater range of healthier lunch options
      • Challenging the higher ability children but not forgetting the quiet middle ability children.
      • More communication with individuals on how to support their learning.
      • Stretch able pupils.
      • More Performing arts. Music and drama through school could be improved  
      • PE
      • PE provision – perhaps external coaches could be employed so that PE is taught to a higher, more consistent standard.
      • Music provision
      • It would be wonderful if more able pupils could be stretched and extended a bit more
      • Some instances of low level, persistent, disruptive behaviour in class which we feel needs addressing as it sometimes affects our child’s ability to concentrate and learn
      • Greater consistency between classes e.g. house points given if they read, how often they are heard read by the teacher in class etc.
      • It would be helpful for our child to have a little more homework to prepare them for secondary school
      • A wider variety of extracurricular activities on offer e.g. sewing club, DT club, creative writing club, football, cooking club
      • We would love for our children to be taught more practical life skills at school (to support what we teach them at home) for example how to handle money and budget
      • More practical science like the visit from Kingham Hill would be amazing, and the link with Kingham Hill is great
      • More outdoor lessons would be wonderful
      • More personalised feedback about the children, their progress & how they can be supported at home.
      • More regular communications and discussions with their teacher
      • A few more after school clubs, more one on one
      • More interaction and feedback from the teachers, something we feel is very important with a child that has SEN.
      • More male teachers.
      • Parent Parking. Please can we get a lollipop lady to aid children to cross the road safely to school.
      • Allow children to play in the forest all year round, it’s one of the main benefits of school grounds
      • More time for foundation subjects – teaching core subjects through foundation ones. More focus on the topic of the term.
      • All the children need to have more ‘down-time’ both inside and outside of the classroom- including more outdoor learning, in KS2 as well as KS1. All the children need to have fun/relaxed time planned into every school day- something to look forward to.
      • Finding ways of making the learning accessible to everyone. For example, a focus on verbal comprehension for emerging readers (rather than written ones).
      • Car parking.
      • The school needs more indoor spaces to support increased opportunity, clubs and activities when wet.
      • Additional play facilities.
      • Increased capacity and quality of wraparound care
      • A high turnover of staff in certain year groups which can be quite disruptive.
      • More PE and sport.
      • It would be good to see the students engaging in more artistic/creative projects, such as a mural or sculpture within school.
      • More swimming for Year 4.
      • Improved playgroup equipment such as footballs, more climbing equipment for the older children
      • Communication with parents about progress and guidance on how to further aid learning at home
      • Teachers speak more to parents and read the diaries.
      • Addressing weaker teachers, looking at the succession of teachers
      • Giving the less obvious children a chance
      • Not leaving learning concerns until the last minute.
      • Not automatically labelling a child as good or bad. Children grow and mature and it isn’t always seen by staff.
      • Not grouping children by ability. Children know when they are in the “special” groups.
      • Incorporate different ways of learning into teaching.
      • New topics should be introduced and more trips planned for the children.
      • Add some swings for the children.
      • More individual attention would always be helpful.
      • A better understanding of the diversity and cultures that are seen around the UK
      • Too much homework. Please do not set homework over half-term and holidays  
      • There appears to be too much reliance on feedback from a small circle of parents
      • Pressuring parents to finance extravagant projects, e.g. Outdoor classroom, electronic library, etc.,  
      • Reassurance that Kingham as a non-religious school has a balanced teaching of non-religious ethics would be welcomed.    Kingham is a secular school. Please do come and see us if you have concerns in this respect.
      • Independent school practices such as Head Boy and Girl
      • Children walking with hands behind backs
      • Focus on drinking water throughout the day and eating healthily at school
      • Need to follow through with commitment of training for teachers with trauma kids – this training was delivered
      • Occasionally creativity can be lacking in favour of more academic subjects.
      • School can be traditional in its approach to children and their learning (e.g. missing break times for unfinished work). More child-led learning where they think for themselves!
      • Improve healthier eating by massively improving the menu/quality of food provided at school and by leading the way in encouraging parents to not hand out sweets every day of the week.
      • Not enough learning about nature.
      • It would be great if the routine of spellings was replicated with times tables. Not in a rote learning way but just to reinforce the basics in maths like you do with spelling.
      • There should be homework set – particularly in light of the catch up needed after COVID.
      • More homework in Key Stage 2 – e.g. independent research, creative projects, regular mental arithmetic tasks and written comprehension tasks being sent home.
      • Renew focused emphasis on maths skills (e.g. weekly maths passports) which was stopped
      • Communication about missed learning so support can be offered at home to help catch up
      • We only get targets now at parents evening and when no regular work is sent home we have no idea what they are working on so we cannot support.
      • Encourage children to read by monitoring what they read each week and praising efforts.
      • Emphasise the joy of reading for pleasure once they have mastered the basics. Encourage comprehension with setting and marking activities in the reading journals.
      • Use the library to lend books.
      • School lunches,
      • Maths teaching in all year groups
      • As a regular user of kid’s/breakfast club I’d like to see a way to book slots needed on an on-going basis
      • More information on test results and how the children are doing other than parents evening. Possible term reports?
      • More inclusive sports rather than same teams being picked each time.

      Additional comments

      • Food waste every day after lunch time
      • Thank you for all that you do
      • We found that our child, because she was quiet, came to school every day & well behaved was somewhat left behind.
      • I have been singing the school’s praises as combining the academic rigour of the most academic schools with the friendly community feel of smaller village schools with cousins etc. in the same school.
      • I feel the school would benefit from a full time PE teacher to lead PE lessons.
      • I’m very happy with the school. Thank you to all staff for the hard work that you put in
      • We feel extreme grateful that our child is at Kingham. What an excellent start to academic life!
      • We are so thankful for all that you do to help our children who are all very happy at school. You have our full support. Huge thanks as always
      • I would unreservedly recommend Kingham to prospective pupils and parents, our children have flourished here, and it is a lovely school community for pupils and parents alike
      • Feedback on any learning difficulties, social interactions, etc. Anything we can work on at home & discuss further with our child
      • Allergens need to be treated better. If a child is so severely allergic to nuts they should be taught not to touch other children’s food. Not allowing Nutella on a sandwich due to nuts but doing Easter egg hunts where chocolates contain nuts is silly
      • I would like all teachers to welcome (or even encourage) children to attend consultation meetings. It’s a valuable opportunity for the teacher to engage with the student on a 1 to 1 level.
      • We are very happy with the school, our children enjoy being at school, and I have recommended the school to others who will be starting school next year.
      • A specialist French teacher rather than asking class teachers
      • No further comments. Just a big “Thank you for your efforts!”
      • This process should be entirely confidential and its outcomes transparent; the move to apparently ‘filter’ results last year felt uncomfortable and identifying children in these emails inevitably results in lower and distorted outputs. This process is entirely confidential, there is no way of identifying pupils, nor do we try – 79 families have responded which is a large proportion of our parents.
      • Thank you for everything everyone does each and every day
      • A more engaging teaching approach.
      • Maths teaching is generally poor
      • Homework is often set for holiday periods yet not explained to the children so I only know about it though our parents WhatsApp group.  Apologies, other than at certain times in Year 6, homework should not be set in holidays.
      • Forest school reintroduced to children in Year 3 and above. The facilities are there and learning outside engages the children in a way a classroom doesn’t.