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Kingham Primary School encourages feedback from parents and carers. We are always learning to be our best. The headteacher welcomes opinions from parents and is generally available on the playground at the start and end of the school day, or otherwise by appointment through the school office.

An annual survey also provides an opportunity to provide formal feedback, together with comments on strengths of the school and any areas for possible improvement. A summary of the responses is shared with staff and governors. Any areas that require further investigation are acted on and these are reported over the following year. Actions and responses to specific comments are included below.

Survey results

October 2018

Previous year figures in brackets

Statement Strongly
Agree Neither
Disagree Strongly disagree
My child enjoys coming to school 47% 51% 1% 0% 0%
  (57%) (41%) (1%) (1%) (0%)
My child is safe at school 61% 37% 2% 0% 0%
  (65%) (34%) (1%) (0%) (0%)
The school understands and responds to my child’s needs 37% 52% 11% 0% 0%
  (39%) (48%) (10%) (3%) (0%)
My child is taught well at school 46% 49% 4% 1% 0%
  (59%) (35%) (5%) (0%) (0%)
My child is making good progress 39% 53% 8% 0% 0%
  (48%) (41%) (10%) (1%) (0%)
My child is encouraged to work hard and do their best 47% 43% 10% 0% 0%
  (55%) (40%) (4%) (1%) (0%)
My child receives an appropriate amount of homework for his/her age 28% 54% 9% 7% 2%
  (34%) (49%) (11%) (6%) (0%)
My child enjoys the stimulating range of extra-curricular activities that school provides 26% 41% 24% 8% 1%
  (29%) (51%) (13%) (6%) (1%)
The school communicates with me effectively about my child’s progress 28% 47% 14% 11% 0%
  (27%) (56%) (12%) (5%) (0%)
The school communicates with me effectively about how to support my child’s learning 23% 44% 22% 11% 0%
  (32%) (52%) (12%) (3%) (1%)
The school communicates with me effectively about school events and activities 45% 48% 5% 2% 0%
  (49%) (47%) (1%) (3%) (0%)
The school seeks my views and listens to my concerns 24% 49% 22% 4% 1%
  (27%) (48%) (24%) (1%) (0%)
There is a good standard of behaviour at Kingham Primary School 37% 56% 7% 0% 0%
  (45%) (47%) (8%) (0%) (0%)
The school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively 26% 26% 46% 1% 1%
  (21%) (45%) (33%) (1%) (0%)
The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved 38% 52% 7% 3% 0%
  (41%) (54%) (5%) (0%) (0%)
I think the school is well led and managed 41% 55% 2% 2% 0%
  (51%) (46%) (3%) (0%) (0%)
School encourages my child to lead a healthy lifestyle 33% 55% 6% 6% 0%
  (30%) (49%) (12%) (9%) (0%)
School encourages my child to respect children from other backgrounds 38% 47% 15% 0% 0%
  (33%) (54%) (13%) (0%) (0%)
My child is encouraged to contribute positively to the wider community 32% 43% 23% 2% 0%
  (28%) (44%) (25%) (3%) (0%)
I would recommend Kingham Primary School to another family 55% 41% 4% 0% 0%
  (66%) (33%) (1%) (0%) (0%)

87 responses (89 previous year) . Row totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Areas of strength

  • Plenty of outdoor space
  • Some dedicated and excellent teaching staff
  • Healthy habits encouraged – love the daily mile
  • Encouraging children to reach their potential
  • Impressed by the high academic standard and attitude of pupils in our child’s class
  • Keeping the more able children stimulated
  • Teaching and staff
  • Behaviour
  • Welcoming
  • Well managed
  • Holistic approach to learning
  • School seems well organised, with strong leads and key stage leads
  • Encourages broad interests and healthy lifestyles
  • Early years – a warm welcoming start to school, lots of space and stimulation, fantastic standard of care
  • School environment and the improvements made to it
  • Communication – bulletins and newsletters are thorough and to the point
  • Extra-curricular opportunities, trips and visitors
  • Location, size and parent input (fundraising)
  • The forest
  • School grounds – which look much better
  • Teaching staff are wonderful and work so hard
  • Relationship between all year groups is fantastic
  • Lovely atmosphere and welcoming
  • The education, the results, the sense of community
  • The safeguarding
  • The team work with raising money or collaborating on tasks/events
  • Excellent teaching
  • Well-designed curriculum
  • Caring staff
  • Well-rounded and balance education of children
  • Good choice of after school activities
  • Leadership
  • Wonderful teaching staff
  • Creative approach
  • Outdoor learning
  • Enrichment activities
  • Developing school community
  • Communication – all aspects of
  • Relationship between staff and parents
  • Incredible teaching staff
  • Sense of community
  • The performances and assemblies
  • Physical estate, especially outdoor areas and recent investments in extra facilities
  • Early years provision
  • Literacy focus
  • Good standard of behaviour
  • Fun and effective learning
  • Cosy, nurturing feel to whole school
  • Excellent support for children with learning difficulties
  • There is always someone to talk to should the need arise
  • Sporting activities – making sure children are getting enough exercise
  • Themed topics of work making learning interactive
  • Praising children
  • Great school trips – love diversity and inclusion aspects
  • Impressive drive for continuous improvement
  • Good opportunities for tournaments through CNPS
  • Some very inspiring teachers
  • Good communication including feedback on homework
  • Outdoor area – extensive for a primary school
  • The school is going form strength to strength
  • The nursery is an amazing new addition
  • So much hard work has gone into the nursery set-up and we are so grateful; especially to Miss Jenkinson, Ms Townend-Jowitt and the governors
  • Headteacher – extremely good management
  • Advancement in learning and celebrating success
  • Well-resourced and well-led
  • Nursery class – well cared for
  • The TAs are very strong and having contact with them every day in the playground is great
  • Phonics evening was useful
  • Excellent range of learning opportunities
  • Music provision
  • Children’s specific educational needs are met
  • School’s level of sport has improved
  • Nice to see the head every morning on the playground
  • Children are well-behaved, have good manners and are kind to each other
  • Variety of extra-curricular activities on offer with many trips, visits and activities
  • Positive relationship between staff and parents
  • Good leadership and teaching staff
  • Exciting creative curriculum
  • Strong leadership and awareness of new ideas
  • Strengths are the teachers
  • Great variety of areas for outdoor activities
  • Kindness permeates right through the school from the head to teachers to TAs and to the children
  • The school is well led and managed. Management is always proactive and involved in the community

Previous year

  • There are a number of highly dedicated, committed, enthusiastic and genuinely caring members of teaching staff.
  • There is a marked improvement in leadership
  • We have nothing but praise for the school and all its staff
  • Our children are inspired and motivated
  • The behaviour throughout the school is impressive
  • Amazing teachers! Amazing teaching assistants! Amazing setting!
  • Broad range of topics covered within the curriculum, effective communication, proving stable happy environment for children
  • Leadership
  • A well-managed school with good teachers
  • Fantastic teaching staff with academic rigour
  • Foundation team are wonderful – been so impressed with their creativity and passion for the job
  • It’s been great seeing more extra-curricular emphasis – music and sport especially
  • Ms Townend-Jowitt has been great – feel she’s got a really good balance and full of good ideas
  • Good integration at local community events
  • Ms Townend-Jowitt is always available in the playground at drop off if you do need to talk to her which is good
  • Children interact well across year groups
  • Love the open-door sessions
  • Good level of parental involvement helps us feel involved in the school
  • Nearly all the kids seem happy, so you must be doing something right!
  • We are very impressed by the management and leadership and the visible improvements that have been made in the last 12 months
  • Headteacher is always present at KPSA events and other activities with parents
  • Headteacher is visible and approachable
  • Good music provision
  • Noticeable improvement plan for school building and procedures
  • Large and varied outdoor space which is well used
  • Good focus on sport and keeping fit
  • Innovative / additional learning experiences e.g. mindfulness, French
  • I agree with the homework policy, children need a break in the holidays
  • Taking on board ideas and being proactive at making changes (recent changes as detailed on parent questionnaire)
  • Facilities (and working to improve)
  • Behaviour chart very good
  • Accessibility to teachers very good
  • The school listens to parents and pupils e.g. segregation of play area

Areas for improvement

  • School food – could the meals be made healthier by replacing high sugar puddings
  • Some class teachers seem more aware of their pupils’ needs than others
  • School don’t always know when our child is having a hard time socially
  • Communication and organisation (events)
  • Car park can be stressful in the mornings, maybe a staggered drop off?
  • Develop outside area for year 1 and 2 (front playgound hard for reception children to cope with transition to Year 1 as so much less space
  • Develop after-school provision, consider extending it to nursery age children and making it more accessible to EY/KS1
  • Less emails and communications – fill up inbox
  • Better nutrition – less sugar and carbohydrates (breads)
  • Sport facilities, bring in sports specialists to coach using PE premium money
  • More feedback on how we can help children and how our children are doing in school compared to national average and school expectation
  • Limited opportunities to speak to teachers about any concerns. If one attempts you have to queue up with morning line – it would be more efficient to email the teachers
  • October parents evening could be before half term
  • Maths passport – more structured routine for testing and to be more manageable for staff
  • Reduce plastic e.g. alternatives to bottles for raffle
  • Girls’ team sport – my child would enjoy a netball club
  • Creative writing opportunities – more free writing time for stories
  • More focus on science subjects
  • More focus on maths attainment
  • Apart from reading I don’t know how to help her at home
  • More after school clubs
  • Dislike members of staff smoking outside – sets a bad example
  • Greater encouragement and opportunities for less able sporty children to be involved and included in sports matches etc
  • Wider range of after-school clubs
  • Smooga makes collection at 3pm a bit of a nightmare – bottleneck by hall
  • Lunchboxes repeatedly filled with unhealthy foods
  • Children generally quite rude – noticed that none say good morning to teachers
  • Wrap around care for nursery
  • Better parking
  • Encourage children to eat all their lunch, drink plenty of water
  • Communication about our children, think it would be great to get a weekly note – could be a quick 2 line email to say what progress is being made, where we could help more at home, what they are finding tricky, where they are versus expectations etc.
  • There used to be a wider range of after-school clubs – now seems limited
  • Communications with wider community are often not well written – this does not give a good impression
  • Continuing to listen to parents’ views
  • Kidz Club – extend to 5.30pm
  • Lunch – yellow choice – please state whether mayonnaise/other sauces in wraps, sandwiches etc.
  • Staging still not good for viewing
  • Clearing woods so more use
  • Holiday activity club – TAs to run – all the facilities to provide lots of interest – money maker
  • The fundraising can be overwhelming if you have more than one child at the school
  • More opportunities to learn in different places e.g. outside, in the woods
  • Increased focus on art
  • Sometimes too much pressure to contribute to external charity fundraising when parents may not agree with the activities or ethos of these charities e.g. faith-based organisations
  • School dinner options are improved but it won’t work if unhealthy choices are not removed
  • Less homework given than before and I think that is detrimental – particularly in maths
  • Demographic of teachers appears to be young females, being parents of two boys I would like to see more male influence in the school
  • More investment in the foundation stage garden
  • Physical buildings need repair e.g. windows, ceilings, hot classrooms and smelly toilets
  • Consider the perspective of parents in tone of communications (don’t treat parents like children)
  • Communicate practical demands on parents well in advance
  • Greater inform students of wider world
  • Would be better for each class to have full time teacher rather than job share – it must be disruptive to the children to a degree
  • More able children to be stretched
  • More homework set that encourages children to be creative such as a self-directed project
  • Communication about learning resources such as maths passports need to be improved
  • Better supervision in the playground – unanswered questions about bruises
  • Need better SENDCo support – sorely missing on how to support children with different social needs
  • Worry less about results and focus more on happy, well-rounded children who are eager to learn
  • Computer skills to begin lower down in the school, including coding
  • Food – children don’t need a pudding other than a yoghurt or piece of fruit, more needs to be done about this
  • More physical activity built into the school day – PE lessons are often cancelled
  • Perhaps a designated ‘quiet garden’ area for reading/knitting at break and lunch?
  • There needs to be improvement in the morning/afternoon drop off/pickup. There should be a drop off point for parents heading to work, to be able to pull through, drop their child and drive away. This would help congestion.
  • A dedicated art teacher would be great.

Previous year

  • The school remains a closed and inaccessible place.
  • Open door sessions are a nice idea but my experience to date has been a few pieces of paper spread across the tables in haste
  • The school reports have become less informative. The information about my child is ’empty’ and in passive tones
  • Push forward with outdoor learning plans — Aviva grant applied for school garden, Co-op grant for picnic tables with table top games, outdoor classroom ordered.
  • Awareness of UK poverty, it would be good for them to be aware of foodbanks and UK based charities — Foodbank was Harvest festival charity last year plus UK charities: Helen and Douglas House, Children in Need; International charities chosen this year: Tearfund, Teams4U.
  • Stress – exam related pressure etc
  • Improve the lunches – generally these seem to be quite unhealthy and reliant on junk food — pizza, chips, pasta. More healthy puddings needed too
  • Disappointed with breakfast club last year – food terrible and generally lacked vision — Food changed: healthier cereals, toast, fruit, water, milk available
  • General concern about literature choices for KS2 – I feel too grown up for age group
  • Stage equipment is too small for all kids in production to be performing on it so audience cannot see certain members of cast — Ernest Cook Trust grant – will be applying for further staging, further lighting, upgrade of sound system and storage for stage.
  • To communicate more frequently and effectively regarding educational progress. Two parents’ evenings with 10 minutes to discuss performance is woefully insufficient and inadequate
  • Can the children have more time to eat lunch
  • Child specific feedback – I know this is hard when there are 30 kids in a class but the odd email or note in book would be great
  • Provide free after school activities
  • Less reliance on local vicar / church would be good as Kingham is not a church / faith school – should be learning about all religions or none — Religious Education is a required part of the curriculum – we learn about other religions in class: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam and assembly time. Assemblies cover Judaism, Hinduism and Islam and other areas e.g. Sukkot, Diwali.
  • More preparation for transition to new class and more opportunities to meet the new teachers — pupils have half-day transition with new teacher in new classroom, opportunity to meet new teacher at end of Summer term. Additional meet the teacher added when Year 1 staff changed.
  • Include end times for meetings, important as we need to arrange childcare
  • Praise and reward effort more than achievement — New behaviour system praises effort and attitude to work.
  • School lunches: particularly from Sept 2017 as there is no choice
  • School trips – they are travelling long distances, meaning longer on the coach than at the venue. More so, London and large cities should be off limits due to the risk of terror incidents — London and major cities will not be used for trips until the terror threat is lowered
  • Extend mindfulness programme to whole school with a focus on supporting year 6 with transition to secondary school — Mindfulness booked for Year 6 in Spring term. (We would love to roll out to the whole school but this has budget implications.)
  • Can the school office be manned until 4pm?
  • Forecasting costs of additional activities at the start of the year and informing parents – possibly collect monthly or quarterly by direct debit
  • Make clear some (which) activities may/will be cancelled if donations don’t cover costs
  • At the open day I would have liked to have heard from the children themselves and the reception staff — reception class staff at open morning October 2017
  • We understood that Kingham was a non-church school, yet there seems to be a clear bias regarding exposure to religion — Each year group teaches two religions per year as part of the Religious Education curriculum: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. Years 1 and 3 visit other places of worship each year.
  • Pattern of homework is erratic
  • Play in reception playground for longer rather than launch into main playground — Pupils have Year 6 buddies to help in main playground.

Additional comments

  • We widely recommend Kingham to anyone who asks
  • Pleased with extra-curricular provision
  • Kidz Club is more interesting for them this year
  • Love the services at Kingham church and traditional celebrations
  • Would prefer more communication in Year 1 – like the reception whiteboard
  • Not really schools remit but the parking towards Churchill is dangerous – any chance of extending the pavement beyond the speed signs?
  • School lunches to be healthier and fresher food
  • Thank you for giving my daughter such a fantastic start to school. She’s happy and motivated and I know any issue would be immediately dealt with
  • Please teach children ‘God Save the Queen’
  • Are children doing 30 minutes of physical activity a day?
  • I find it challenging dropping off with children in different lines – trapped by the green barriers, perhaps reception could have their own area?
  • There is no other school and no other teachers we would choose for our children
  • My children feel secure, confident and well-cared for
  • We are grateful for everyone’s hard work, kindness and support in all aspects
  • A very good school
  • We are very keen on art or chess club
  • The car park is so congested – bad parking by parents – but area could be increased by reducing area in the centre
  • Teachers don’t often make an effort to speak to parents
  • Very few opportunities for parents to be involved with their child’s education
  • Teachers standing on steps at end of day – hard to approach them
  • Thank you for all you do for our children’s education
  • Kingham has supported my child extremely well. She is now reaching expected levels.
  • Could the area that Kingfishers used to enter be made into a useable outdoor space?
  • Thank you for all you do to make the school excellent
  • Please will you reconsider the staggered start of reception children
  • We have been delighted with KPS and all the reception team have done in these early days to settle our daughter into school. Many thanks.
  • Nursery have gone above and beyond to help my daughter settle in
  • I strongly believe the children are not prepared for the move from KS1 to 2
  • Homework should be nothing but spellings and reading
  • Aggression in tone towards children in lessons and around school. It gets witnessed all the time through school and nothing us ever done, Reprimands are never given.
  • Don’t send sponsor forms that promote prizes for the top amount
  • Don’t bang on about budgets and then send out expensive looking reports – money doesn’t make the world go round it only helps
  • You have some really good teachers you need to keep at all costs, the new ones look like rabbits in headlights at the moment!
  • I do not feel your questionnaire provides you enough detail and us enough freedom of speech for you to get the right results.
  • Would school be able to address the issue of late arriving parents abandoning cars in undesignated spaces, blocking parents who made the effort to arrive on time.
  • I hope music and singing can be started again as extra-curricular activities for all children
  • Pleasing to read Kidz Club has been improved but my children are still unable to use it as it finishes too early.
  • After school clubs are often full and I would like to see larger group activities.
  • It would be good if more parents could have a say in the school menu.

Previous year

  • The relatively new head seems proactive but is less visual to the children in a positive way
  • We are really pleased with the direction the school has taken over the last 12 months, it is a much more warm and welcoming environment and recent changes have really improved it further e.g. bulletin, equipment in playground and pick up routines
  • KPSA seems to monopolise the school email — New weekly bulletin introduced rather than separate emails for each event.
  • I disagree with giving primary school children homework
  • We’re overall so impressed by the school and the leadership — thank you!
  • Daily running was great
  • School should be more environmentally engaged and promote healthy lifestyles — this is already part of PHSCE curriculum. Daily Mile in place again Spring term.
  • Provision for exercise and sport is poor in wet weather
  • Children in years 4 -6 need more resources for sport, play and exercise
  • No extra-curricular activities for reception — No clubs in Autumn term as the children are too tired. Clubs in place from Spring term.
  • Some school fundraising events should be advertised more outside Kingham to improve profit and turnout — Christmas market and Proms advertised beyond school
  • I am pleased mindfulness is being incorporated
  • We have seen very positive changes recently and are grateful for the effort put in to make these e.g. behaviour policy, better playground
  • More parents should get involved with KPSA events — New weekly bulletin introduced. Revamp of class reps. Working parties set up for events.
  • Jump in quantity and frequency of homework from year 2 to year 3 is marked — a smoother transition by gradually increasing amounts would be a more productive approach
  • Would be useful to know which parentmails require an action and which are purely information — All Parentmails to include title to help.
  • Maths evenings have been excellent
  • We would be interested to know more about the frequency, content and the schools input into Rev Salter’s assemblies
  • We feel unclear about the relationship between KPS and the local church — Rev Salter is a school governor and a former parent. He completes one Christian based assembly each half term. This is balanced by the assemblies completed by headteacher who covers other religions, British values and topical issues.
  • Communication about the pattern of teacher job share poor — Further meet the teacher meeting held once new staff started.