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Kingham Primary School follows the school admission rules of the local authority, Oxfordshire County Council.



Applications for the nursery class can be made by contacting the school office. Places in the nursery class are managed by the school, in accordance with the admissions policy of the local authority. A place in the nursery class does not provide any guarantee of a place in the school reception class.

Nursery places

Reception and later years

Oxfordshire Country Council administers the allocation of places for children from Reception to Year 6. Kingham Primary School is a popular school. It may be the first preference for many parents in the area and there may be more applications than there are places available. It is not always necessary for children to live within the designated area or catchment of the school but distance from the school is one of the criteria used to allocate places.

Places occasionally become available for older children in classes further up the school. Please contact the school office in the first instance for details of any current availability. Formal applications are administered through the local authority. Further information here.

Admission criteria

Where there are not enough places for everyone that applies to the school, the local authority will determine the admission arrangements according to strict criteria and the designated area of the school. Children that are looked after by the local authority or have particular needs will be given priority. Places are then allocated in order of priority to children living within the designated area with a brother or sister at the school, to other children living within the designated area, children living outside this area with a brother or sister at the school, and then other children living outside the designated area. For each category, if there are more applicants than available places these will be allocated according to distance from the school. The detailed policy that is followed is available from the Oxfordshire County Council web site.

Designated area

A map showing the designated area or catchment for Kingham Primary School is available from the Oxfordshire County Council web site.

Kingham Primary School designated area


Applications for places from Reception to Year 6 are coordinated and administered by Oxfordshire County Council, which is the admissions authority for all mainstream state funded primary, infant, junior and secondary schools in Oxfordshire. Parents can apply online or using a paper copy of the Common Application Form. The deadline for applications to the Reception class is generally in January for admission the following September.

Appealing for a school place

You may appeal for a school place if you have not been successful in your application.

Appeals information

Further information

More information about the process and deadlines for application and the relevant school admissions rules and policies are available from the Oxfordshire County Council web site.