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Siblings reach final of BBC’s 500 Words

Two of our pupils (who also happen to be sisters!) have reached the final of BBC’s 500 Words competition!

Akeeva and Zemira joined other finalists, from across the country, at an event hosted by Queen Camilla at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 28th February.

Ten-year-old Zemira, who has received treatment for stomach cancer, said she got the idea for her story “from the doctors and nurses when I was in the hospital having chemo”.

She added: “I thought they were like superheroes to me because they would always entertain me and cheered me up.”

Akeeva, 8, wrote her story about a girl who travels through a magic portal in her hair and meets her own mother in a castle of sweets. It is based on songs her mum sings to her whilst washing her hair.

Akeeva said: “I wanted to enter the competition because I love books, I love reading and I love writing stories.”

We are so proud of 44,000 children who entered nationally two of our Kingham girls have had their incredible talents recognised in this way.

You can read their fabulous stories here:

The Magical Hair Ditty By Akeeva

The Blue Colony Superheroes By Zemira