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A parting gift...

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What a year, here are some photos to help you remember.


Please see attached the writing template for the homework. The children have planned their article in lessons and now need to write it in neat, provide a picture (and caption) and impressive headline.  

Year 5 Trip to the National Space Centre


On Tuesday Year 5 were lucky enough to have a trip the National Space Centre in Leicester. Apart from the long journey it was enormous fun as we were taught a range of really interesting facts. Arriving with a greeting from the doors that created an atmosphere of a rocket in space, we split into groups and entered the planetarium. The film was called astronaut and projected all over the walls and ceiling. It made you dizzy and slightly scared learning about what it takes to  be an astronaut. We then went off into the Space Centre. Our group went onto the simulator first of all, which educated us on future possibilities in space, including landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa. We went into the rest of the centre where the galleries taught us about the moon, the planets and many other facts. We also travelled up in a glass elevator and saw two real life rockets that were four stories high! We had a superb day learning and enjoying.

By Edward Fernandez - Pozas


World of Maths Workshop

Dyson design processes

Brazilian persuasive advert

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The children finished off their unit on South America by rewriting lyrics of a song by American Authors in order to create a persuasive advert showcasing Brazil

Nature Documentaries

Over the Spring term, the children have been investigating how the animal world is classified into different groups. We also investigated different habitats that the animals had adapted to. Taking all this information, the children designed their own creatures and wrote, directed and filmed their own nature documentaries. Please see below the different, varied creatures the children 'discovered'.

Nature documentaries

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Year 5 Computing Ambassador

Congratulations to Hannah Rowley and Rhiannon Griffiths for becoming the new Computing Ambassadors. Everyone gave articulate and well thought out speeches and were able to answer all questions posed at them well. Thank you to everyone who took the time to put themselves forward. 


'One Day Creative' Dance Workshop - 18th March 2015

Today the children had great fun creating two separate dances exploring themes linked to our topics studied this term. The first dance was exploring a tribal narrative linked to the Mayans, telling the stories of sacrifice, house building and celebration. All the ideas were put forward by the children and crafted into a dance by Jess the dance instructor.

The second dance was taught by Jess to the children and represented a carnival theme. The movements started small and built as the music grew. By the performance, the children were adorned with feathers, flags and colourful scarves.

Thank you to all the parents who came and Mrs Kempton who joined in dancing with the children throughout the day.

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Year 5 at Kingham Hill Science Day

Today Year 5 went to Kingham Hill to experience a carousel of science activities in their new building. As well as touching sheep's lungs and heart,  the children also managed to  relight flames with bubbling concoctions and blow lids off containers with chemical reactions. They finished by designing parachutes that would protect eggs when dropped from the second floor. Thank you to all the children who behaved brilliantly and were great representatives of our school. 

Summer Term Information Letter


Welcome back!


I hope you had a cracking holiday and are ready for the final term in Year 5, full of exciting lessons and opportunities.

Here is an overview of some of the things we will be exploring this term and key bits of information to help it all run smoothly!

Our topic for this term is ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ The topic will be science led, with the children investigating different parts of our solar system and the galaxies beyond. We will learn about the purpose of the sun, the variety in the planets nearby and how people went from looking up at the moon, to landing on it. Through our art and design work, we will recreate the solar system in scale models, create our own telescopes and construct devices to help colonise new planets. On the 30th April, the Chipping Norton Astronomy Group will guide us through the night sky which both children and parents are invited to. We will build on this evening in our RE work, investigating how and why people worshipped the sky. The children will also be having a taster of the Year 6 residential with a night away in Clanfield, Bampton. The two day residential will allow the children to try a range of activities including archery, climbing walls and mountain bike trails. The evening will be spent playing group games, sitting round a campfire and sleeping in tents. In PE, as we have a tag-rugby tournament on Wednesday 20th May, the children will be learning the rules and tactics to help them.

In English, we will research the stories behind the different constellations as well as create our own short science fiction films. Our class book for the term will be ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  We will use this during story time as well as inspiration for certain parts of the topic. As we will this resource a lot during the coming term, I would ask each child to purchase a copy.

In Maths, we will investigate how shadows can help us tell the time, the enormous distances between the planets in our solar system and the trajectories of objects in the earth’s orbit. We will also face the challenge of colonising a hypothetical planet, with calculations involving area, perimeter and capacity. 

Although we are looking at earth and space, the other Science for this term is ‘Properties and Materials’. We will investigate how to separate mixtures, use chemical changes for propulsion in rockets and thermal conductivity in space suits.

This term we will have cycling proficiency every Friday morning, starting the 17th April. The children participating will need to have their bikes each week which need to be taken home every Friday as we have no storage facilities at school. I must impress the importance of children remembering their equipment as missed sessions will prohibit them taking the test at the end of this half term. Please see the leaflets and letter for any additional information.

As always, we endeavour to enrich our pupils’ learning with educational visits. More details will follow when visits have been confirmed. Another way to enrich your child’s learning is through speakers sharing their experiences or knowledge. If there are any aspects of our topics in which you are willing to share with the children, please get in touch.



In addition to their daily reading, the children will be set homework tasks that support, extend and reinforce their learning across the curriculum. Some tasks will be completed in their school books, and others may be project or research based. Years 5 & 6 have ‘Jotters’ which can be used to record homework. It is really important that at Year 5, pupils learn to be independent at home by managing their time and giving each task a go. On average children at years 5 and 6, should be completing 45 minutes of homework each night, but there will be times that no homework is given, or projects are set to be completed over a period of time – so please be flexible.

Spellings linked to subjects, topic, key patterns and misspelt words from your child’s writing; will be sent home when appropriate, to learn. These will be recorded and tested in ‘Spelling Log’ books; but will be predominately practised in context at school; and whilst the obvious intention of sending words to learn is to improve spelling and develop strategies, the words are also chosen to extend vocabulary and reinforce meaning of subject specific vocabulary.

Practice certainly makes perfect when it comes to learning number facts and children still have a times tables booklet to work their way through. There are four stages with a bronze, silver and gold level to each. It is really important that children find a way of learning that suits them, whether it’s: reciting, writing, chanting, looking for patterns, racing against the clock or even against mum and dad! Anything goes…Well done to those children who are already at stage four. The children’s Mental Arithmetic books are also on-going, and will be sent home after they have finished their weekly carousel, ready to start afresh the week after. These books are challenging with concepts that the children may not have been taught, with calculations or methods that they may be unsure about or have forgotten, so please don’t panic – this is expected, and any issues or difficulties will be picked up with the individual in class.


Fitness is an incredibly important part of developing a ‘healthy, eager to learn child’, so please ensure children have their kits in school at all times. All children will be expected to participate in sport lessons, but if your child is unable to take part in ‘active’ sport due to injury, they will still need to change into kit, but will be given a role/responsibility within the lesson, so they can still access the teaching and learning. I cannot underestimate how important having full and correct kit is. Without it children will not be able to take part. Please help your child to ensure the kit is in for TUESDAYs and THURSDAYs.

Correct kit should include: a yellow PE top, spare pair of socks, navy tracksuit bottoms and shorts, a sweatshirt (not a school one), waterproof top (this is optional but advisable) and trainers. It is essential that ALL hair is tied up and watches and stud earrings are removed (or taped if they are recently pierced).

With all the sporting activity throughout the week and in an attempt to reach our school target of no lost property or ‘ripe’ smelling cloakrooms and lockers - PE kits will be sent home on a Friday! You may consider it useful to have a second T-shirt and shorts/joggers to ensure your child is fully equipped.

Home Link Up Book

The ‘Pink Books’ are an essential tool for communication. As you know the mornings are always hectic, but I do appreciate that there may be times that you need to see me. It is imperative, therefore - that any messages, questions, or requests to see me, are noted in the book, so I can arrange appointments and value comments. Books should also be signed each night, by you or your child when they have read or completed a homework task. If the book is not signed and there is no evidence of the child having read, or had a go at homework, then they will be expected to make this time up.


In light of safeguarding requirements and health & safety standards, the procedure for children’s arrival in the morning, across Key Stage 2 remains the same. The children will be expected to wait, supervised by a parent or carer, on the playground until 8.45am. At this time the bell will be rung and the children will line up, in designated areas, ready to be collected by their class teachers and led into school. Children who missed the bell should come to the side door beside the kitchen where they will be met by a teaching assistant. This door is locked at 8.55. Any child who arrives after 8.55am will have to be accompanied into school through the main entrance by the school office and signed in, as teaching will have begun and exterior doors locked. Please note that any school play equipment (including the ropes course) is not to be used.


The Year 5 cloakroom is spread out over two separate areas – so please keep PE and school bags to a modest size. Each child has a named locker and peg but it never ceases to amaze me how much goes missing so please ensure all personal property that comes into school is named.  Although the Spring term the children were better at keeping their lockers, still certain lockers were full to bursting with bags and lunch boxes which stopped the doors fully closing. This can become a trip hazard so I would ask each child to only keep the essentials for that day in their locker and no more!

The Year 5 Expectation

I am very excited for this term. As well as the residential and cycling proficiency, the children will be showcasing what they have learnt in the class presentation. As this is the final term before Year 6, expectation for each child is that they try their best, from presentation and handwriting to independent homework tasks. The children have entered into the final phase of their primary school lives and as such are role models for the rest of the school. Therefore, good conduct, maturity and commitment to responsibilities are key. I have very much enjoyed teaching the class and have no doubt that the final term will be filled with exciting, cross-curricular learning, enjoyment, hard work and fun!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

Chris Lamming