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frown Netball fun with years 4 and 5 - see the photos on the sporting gallery page.

Over the next two weeks children will be creating a booklet on a group of islands in northern Norway called Svalbard. Within class they have created the booklet cover as well as chosen their contents page (without page numbers – these to be filled in when the booklet is completed). The first page after the contents is a brief fact file, giving an overview. Each subsequent page(s) of the booklet will be focused on a particular question, such as ‘What is the landscape like?’

As this is a two week project, children are expected to use their homework time to source their own information, take notes and present their findings in their own words. They are able to present the work in their own way, including pictures, but any writing needs to be written by hand.

Work will be presented to the class and stuck into their Science books on the 5th April, so the booklet needs to be completed by this time. Please do not put anything on the back cover of the booklet as this will be used to stick into the Science book.

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Northern Lights

An extraordinary journey that travels to the heart of the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. The destiny that awaits will have immeasurable consequences far beyond one world…Quite a description for one book, but Northern Lights certainly measures up!

Science Week - Change

Science Week - Change 1
Science Week - Change 2
Science Week - Change 3
Science Week - Change 4
Science Week - Change 5
Science Week - Change 6
Science Week - Change 7
Science Week - Change 8
Science Week - Change 9
Science Week - Change 10
Science Week - Change 11
Science Week - Change 12
Science week allowed Year 5 to study a range of changes in the natural world. Starting with a change in design, we planned, assessed and adapted the best way to float a boat. Moving onto how plants disperse their seeds, we investigated the range of adaptations needed to survive the changing environment. A quick tour of the changing gravitational pulls of planets, before investigating the changing wind speed and direction on the school grounds. To finish the week, children designed their own poster and wordsearch on impressive scientists who had brought a real change to their field of study.


Bikeability! 1
Bikeability! 2
Bikeability! 3
Bikeability! 4
Bikeability! 5
Bikeability! 6
Bikeability! 7
Bikeability! 8
Bikeability! 9
Bikeability! 10
Bikeability! 11

Maths Activities

Maths Activities 1
Maths Activities 2
Maths Activities 3
Maths Activities 4
Maths Activities 5
Maths Activities 6
Maths Activities 7
Maths Activities 8
Maths Activities 9
Maths Activities 10
Maths Activities 11
Maths Activities 12
Maths Activities 13

Science Investigation


In Science we have been looking at the different ways to classify animals, based on the Linnaeus' method. Our focus for the past two weeks has been on birds, including the structure and purpose of eggs. We decided to see why birds lay their eggs in different location so planned an investigation to answer the question, 'Where is the safest place to nest in the school grounds?'  Children scouted the woodland area for materials before creating a bird's nest (using half a tennis ball). We have placed in miniature clay eggs so that if any predators do attack our nests, hopefully some tale tale marks will be left behind!



The children went to see what had become of the different nesting sites this morning. We were hoping for one or two that had signs of predators, but we had 8 different sites that had either attacked or damaged in some way. Children will be replacing the eggs to carry the experiment on for a week so we can tally our results on Friday, hopefully giving the answer of the safest place to nest in the school grounds. 

Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork

Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 1
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 2
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 3
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 4
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 5
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 6
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 7
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 8
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 9
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 10
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 11
Year 5 Northern Lights inspired artwork 12

Year 5 Travels to Spain!


The cultural and historical influences on the Spanish dance style flamenco. Year 5 were able to experience the sound of the guitar, clapping rhythms and traditional songs in their Flamenco workshop today. We all had a great time!

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Reading journals

The children’s Reading Journals have now been given out. These are an integral part of their English curriculum, designed to develop comprehension skills, and encourage children to read, interpret, analyse and evaluate a range of fiction and non-fiction genres. They will be given questions to answer, linked to our class reader, but children will also be expected to ‘respond’ to books and texts they read independently at home and at school. A review of a book they have finished, whether fiction or non-fiction, is also expected.

Dates for your diary


17th January - Flamenco KS2 visit.

3rd February – Midyear reports sent to parents

9th February – KPSA Film night

13th- 17th February – Half term

27th Feb – 10th March – Fairtrade fortnight

7th March - U11 Boys Hockey

15th March – Y5 Open door (3:00-3:30)

4th April – KPSA Easter Bingo

5th April - Parents’ evening (3:20-6:30)

6th April - Parents’ evening (3:20-6:00)

7th April – School closes for Easter holidays (2:00)


This is the Creative Overview and Topic Letter for Year 5. However, as the term develops and the children's interest broadens, these documents are subject to change.