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Year 4


Year 4 team is: Miss Alleman and Mrs Hitchins

Roman Tours

On Tuesday the 16th of October, Year 3 and Year 4 was visited by two fearsome auxiliary soldiers wearing full armour and carrying their marching pack as they did 2,000 years ago.

Using a dynamic combination of character acting, demonstrations and role-play, the children were enthralled and delighted as they learnt about the day to day living as a Roman- food, clothing and much hilarity when they had to demonstrate using the latrine and the infamous sponge stick!

During the day, creative home-made togas were exchanged for armour and weapons taken from the Roman uniform and the children were marched into the hall to prepare their 'team' before participating in a boisterous battle.

A huge thank you for such imaginative and authentic Roman costumes- you all looked fantastic!