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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


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Dates for your diary: 

28th April: KPSA Film Night (15:00-17:00)

1st May: Bank Holiday

5th May: KPSA ‘Phil the Bag’ & Quiz Night (19:30)

5th May: KPS Choir Event (13:00)

19th May: Outdoor Learning Day

27th May- 4th June: Half term

16th June: Year 3 Class Assembly (9:00-9:30)

20th June: Year 3 Hill End Visit

27th June: Year 3 Open Doors (15:00-15:30)

30th June: KPSA Barn Dance

12th July: Summer Concert (14:00 & 18:00)

14th July: Sports Day

21st July: School closes for the summer holidays (14:00)

Meet the Teacher powerpoint

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the 'Meet the Teacher' session with Mr Lamming. Here is the powerpoint he used. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to speak to him in the playground. 

Bones, Bones and Bones...


In our science lesson today, we became archaeologists, extracting, discovering and unravelling the remains of a skeleton. We then

used our investigative skills to piece the bones together and label correctly, finally identifying the type of skeleton. The sign of a

vertebrae gave us the final clue to confirm that it was indeed a human Endoskeleton!  

A lovely visit from Tia and Solomon!


Just before the Easter holidays, some of the children in Year 3 wrote letters to send with Libby as she went to visit family friends in an international school in Udaipur in India. We wrote about our hobbies, school life at Kingham and asked many questions! Luckily, these questions were answered today and letters were even returned with a visit from Tia and Solomon- all very exciting and we look forward to sending more letters in the future! 

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Hill End Outdoor Centre

From making dens for shelter to lighting our own fires and purifying water, Year 3 had a treemendous day exploring and living in the Great Outdoors! 



A MASSIVE thankyou to all Year 3 parents for the fabulous 'outdoor' costumes, help with getting the lines learnt and songs practised. I hope you enjoyed watching the Class Assembly just as much as we enjoyed performing it! I realised how much they had enjoyed it when the bus driver on the way to Hill End was treated to a rip-roaring rendition of 500 miles!! 
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Songs for Class Assembly ... 

The Proclaimers Im Gonna Be 500 Miles Instrumental

Sesame Street: Outdoors with Jason Mraz

Maths Orienteering Inter-house

                           Fantastic Flowers    

As we learn more about plants, the children completed a flower dissection, identifying the main parts found in a Lily head, before completing a matching activity to understand more about the purpose and function of each part. 

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Year 3 Bird Cookie Sale. 

Year 3 were set the task of making, creating and designing a Bird Cookie to sell as part of our topic about money. With a range of prices and a set amount of money to buy with, the negotiations began! Here are the children making sure they gave and received the correct change.  

Outdoor Learning Day 2017

Can plants grow without water? What happens if a plant has no sunlight? If a plant has no heat, will it still grow? These are just some of these questions we considered as we set up our experiments. Here are some pictures of the initial stages... we are still awaiting the results! 

Lob's travels... 


As we continue to read our class novel Lob and learn more about his journey from his garden in the countryside to London, we decided to plan our own route for Lob to follow. With Chipping Norton as a starting point and Oxford as the end, we used a well trusted Ordnance Survey Map and compass directions.   

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What do you think the symbols for these map features in Kingham would look like? 


To start our 'Great Outdoors' topic, the children were provided with a hand-drawn map of Kingham.

After learning about why maps have symbols on them, discussing what makes a good map symbol and recognising some map symbols on an Ordnance Survey map, we decided to explore the village on foot, in order to design our own map key with appropriate symbols to describe the important features/places found in Kingham. 

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The Great Outdoors. Summer Term

Dates for your diary


17th January - Flamenco KS2 visit.

3rd February – Midyear reports sent to parents

9th February – KPSA Film night

13th- 17th February – Half term

27th Feb – 10th March – Fairtrade fortnight

7th March - U11 Boys Hockey

8th March – Y3 Open door (3:00-3:30)

15th March - Year 3&4 Production (6:00)

16th March - Year 3&4 Production (2:00)

4th April – KPSA Easter Bingo

5th April - Parents’ evening (3:20-6:30)

6th April - Parents’ evening (3:20-6:00)

7th April – School closes for Easter holidays (2:00)

Marvellous Measuring!


 Year 3 have been very busy estimating, measuring and adding/subtracting the weight, length and volume of different objects used on a daily basis within the classroom. We have not only completed a carousel of practical activities but we have continued to develop our reasoning skills, applying our understanding of 1000 ml = 1 l, 1000 g, = 1 kg and 100 cm = 1 m. Our final activity, will be to help George to create his own potion, however it must measure exactly 600ml and include 6 different ingredients from Grandma's shelves... I wonder what we will make... 

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Year 2/3 Mini-Olympics. Chipping Norton Partnership Event

Comic Relief- Year 3 Red Nose Cake Sale!

'Trymendous' Tag-Rugby fun..
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Whose Story?     

            For more photos of the Y3/4 production see the            school 'Special Events' page. 

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A celebration of Science Week 2017. In Year 3, we were completely captivated by the findings of Anders Celsius, who invented the centigrade thermometer scale. “Water freezes at 100°C and water boils at 0°C”, got our heads spinning, encouraging us to investigate for ourselves the temperature of different water using a thermometer. Our conclusions definitely favoured the later work of Carl Linneaus, who’s findings we still use today- water freezes at 0°C and boils at 100°C. To consolidate our understanding within changes of temperature using a thermometer, we also created our own homemade measuring instrument identifying a hot, cold and room temperature scale- of course it wasn’t as accurate as a real thermometer! Our understanding of ‘Change’ progressed further, as we explored the three different states and reversible/irreversible changes. With only a jam jar and cream, we were fascinated with the change from the creamy liquid to the creation of Kingham’s first ever butter! The buttery solid was used further to explore whether different solids melt into liquids at different temperatures- we were even lucky enough to use some of Willy Wonka’s chocolate as one of the materials! Overall a very exciting exploration of temperature and changes in state.


Here are the links for the songs we will be singing for the Year 3/4 Musical Production... happy singing!

ABBA Mamma Mia lyrics

Mambo Italiano Instrumental - without the lyrics, which we will use for the performance...

Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano - with lyrics to help you with the learning of the words!

Beauty and The Beast/Tale As Old As Time Lyrics - Beauty and the Beast

World Book Day 2017- Here are just some of our fantastic book character costumes! 
Inspired by Quentin Blake's fabulous illustrations, Year 3 have been developing their paint brush skills using water colours...

'The matter with human beans,' the BFG went on, 'is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles.' 'We is in Dream Country,' the BFG said. 'This is where all dreams is beginning.' 


This phizz-whizzing quote, from one of our favourite Roald Dahl books, was really the catalyst for writing our own dreams. Once this task was finished, we sprinkled abit of BFG magic and transformed our written work into our own, personal BFG dream jars. Here are some of our wondrous creations!  

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Creation Theatre

On Monday 23rd January, Year 3 were treated to a visit from Creation Theatre, Oxford, for a Roald Dahl workshop. But it was so much more than that… Creation struck a magical balance of fun and hard work, bringing out the best in all of the children.


The children’s imaginations were encouraged to run riot as they participated in a variety of drama activities centred around the BFG. As the day progressed, the children’s enthusiasm and confidence grew and grew, as they worked together to produce a whole class re-enactment of the BFG story.


So much was achieved, in such a short period of time and I was really impressed with Year 3’s in depth knowledge of the BFG story line and how they embraced the theatrical challenge.

A fun filled Fiesta of fast, foot-tapping Flamenco dancing!

Spring Term 1


Year 3's spectacular Spring Term plans inspired by Roald Dahl, a world famous Creative Great.

Science Fair on Magnetism!


Please do read our exciting letter from Mr Andrew Newton at the British Scientific Society, which explains what Year 3 have been creating, planning and evaluating over the past two weeks in science to finish off our topic about Forces and Magnets. 

Year 3 Fractions Museum!

We have been very busy creating a fraction museum as part of representing, comparing and ordering unit and non-unit fractions.


Firstly, we had to choose a fraction we wanted to create by carefully selecting the objects. Some of us chose to show the fraction using different colours, animals or shapes.

We then wrote a label for our fraction and presented the ‘fraction museum’ for our friends to look at.

Mathematics- Learning Times Tables. 


Multiplication tables form part of the National Curriculum for maths. By the end of Year 4, pupils should know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12. They must also know how to count in steps of 25, 50, 100 and 1000. 


There are lots of ways to learn tables and children will favour different methods. In Year 3, we make learning tables as fun as possible by using songs, games and visual resources to help learn these facts. Here are some of the very popular videos we have have started to use to learn our times tables, although unfortunately these videos only go up to the 8 times table. Maybe you could make your own version... I would love to see and hear it!  

Two Times Table Song

Three Times Table Song

Four Times Table Song

Five Times Table Song

Six Times Table Song

Seven Times Table Song

Eight Times Table Song

Year 3 and 4 Ball Skills Festival 

The children displayed some fantastic sportsmanship and team work as they participated in a variety of ball skill activities at Chipping Norton School, before competing in a round robin game of Bench ball. Communication, enthusiasm and perseverance were crucial and demonstrated by all, resulting in Kingham Primary School bringing back a well-deserved trophy! 


Celebrating the festival of Diwali


Using clay and jewels, we enjoyed designing and making our own Diva lamps. Once painted we can then light up the classroom with our colourful creations, as has been celebrated in the festival of light at the end of October. 

Caesar Assassinated!

In the meeting of the Senate, Julius Caesar was savagely murdered. The Roman officials have not released many details but as the story continues to unfold, Year 3 Investigators are firmly on the case: analysing eye witness accounts, studying the evidence at the crime scene and writing a formal news report. 

How far will your chariot travel? 

Year 3 have been investigating friction as a force in their science lesson this week. We examined different surfaces and decided which surface would be the safest for Perilus, our Roman charioteer, to travel on. The results matched the predictions of our budding scientists after a busy afternoon of investigations. 

Mud, mud, glorious mud on our sponsored Children in Need Ramble...

Instruction Writing

In English, we have been exploring instruction writing. In the style of the Great Roman Bake Off, we followed instructions to create our very own edible Roman Road, looking at prepositions and imperative verbs along the way. This is Roman construction so there were no soggy bottoms just solid cement and straight stone slabs! 


From delicious Roman recipes, carefully designed mosaics, oil lamps, wax tablets, handcrafted clay model villas and weapons to an informative Roman Power point, a recount about an exciting trip to Bath and Londinium and a news report from the Circus Maximus, these photos show you how impressive, enthusiastic and hard working Year 3's are... 


Half-Term Project!  

We have learnt a lot about the Romans in the last 6 weeks, so over half term, why not have a bit of fun, choose any activity below to complete and enjoy sharing your work to the rest of the class on Monday 31st of October




The Great Fossil Hunters! 

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a fossil hunter? How would you excavate a fossil without damaging it and how would you identify the fossil? How is a fossil formed? Who was Mary Anning? Over the past couple of weeks, we have been researching and creating our own fossils encased within a sedimentary rock, in order to then carefully excavate and identify each other's work. Did we have the skills and patience? Have a look at the photos to find out! 



Class Trip to Chedworth Roman Villa.

The 'chariot' arrived, the sun shone and Year 3 set forth to Chedworth Roman Villa. We saw beautiful mosaics, many Roman artefacts and used our imagination around the site to envisage how the Romans lived. The children made their own medicine bags, enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be slaves and much more! Take a look at the photos...



On Friday the 23rd September, the school was visited by two fearsome centurions wearing full armour and carrying their marching pack as they did 2,000 years ago. Using a dynamic combination of character acting, demonstrations and role-play, the children were enthralled and delighted as they learnt about the day to day living as a Roman- food, clothing and much hilarity when they had to demonstrate using the latrine and the infamous sponge stick!

During the day, creative home-made togas were exchanged for armour and weapons taken from the Roman uniform and the children were marched outside to prepare their 'team' before participating in a boisterous battle.


A huge thankyou for such imaginative and authentic Roman costumes- Year 3 you all looked fantastic!


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”… Year 3’s first taste of Italian, enjoying delizioso pizza, pasta and gelato! 

As we start our new school year, here are some 'All about Me' silhouettes of Year 3! Can you find yours? 

Beneath our colourful silhouettes is the Autumn Term Newsletter; please take a moment to read our exciting plans, inspired, directed and supported by Miss Ralf and Mrs Adams (Teachers) and Mrs Keyte and Mrs Hill (Teaching Assistants).