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Summer Term 2015


WELCOME BACK! I hope you and your families all had a lovely Easter….


Which came first?



I am very excited about this, our summer term topic, we will be asking questions about the world around us and the living things that depend and thrive on it. As a class we are very fortunate to have the first-hand experience of having our own chick eggs in the classroom to observe as they hatch and grow! This will be an amazing experience for all of the children (and adults too). The children will learn the importance of nurturing life and how with maturity, comes independence. As the chicks develop, we will have the arrival another member of the animal kingdom….this time caterpillars! Again, the children will have the opportunity to watch first-hand, the life cycle of a butterfly. We will watch how, in the serenity of the water, fish are as quick to learn where to go as we are, when food is in the offing! Our class trip will allow children to see how many different species of butterflies there are, their dependence on their mobility for survival with a visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm. After our trip we will be getting our hands dirty and planting our own seeds to set off the life cycle of a plant. What will you need to provide to make yours grow? After half term our focus will change to the human body. The children will begin to understand how amazing the human body is, the role of the various internal organs and what, with their growing independence they need to do to keep their body healthy.



We will be writing recounts in a diary form about a ‘chick’. What do they really get up to when we are not around? Our focus will then move onto ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we may even learn a few French words to accompany the story, and our own butterflies! After half term we start to ask questions about ourselves. Why does our body act in that way? What is the role of the heart? We will be finding out some of these answers to write our own explanation texts. At the very end of the term we will be writing our own instructions on how to make a ‘healthy pizza’; maybe you could try our recipes at home?

Phonics teaching and daily guided reading continues; more detail on this is in the Housekeeping section of this letter.


In maths this term we are recapping and bulding upon all our previous learning so far! We will be kicking off the term with multiplication and how these can be shown as arrays. Measuring time will play a key part in all of our maths this term, we we will be working hard to understand what different times mean. What can we do in a minute? Measuring length will have natural links to our topic and we observe growth. Fractions will be our next focus before again moving once more onto symmetry and reflection supported of course by our work with the butterflies! After half term we will move onto applying all of our skills in problem soliving activities.


We will continue to  become expert photographers, taking photos, organising them before edititing and creating a portfolio. This time we will be taking photographs of the different stages of the life cycles.



We will   start by considering the meaning of bullying and how it feels to be bullied. The children will consider ways of improving a situation where bullying is occurring. We will then consider the range of people in the community who help and care for them. They will consider a range of situations in which they might need help and will learn how to ask for help in an emergency situation. After half term we will consider safe places to play and safe people to be with. They will learn simple rules for dealing with strangers and for resisting pressure. They will consider different kinds of secrets and learn that they have rights over their own body.

Art and DT

We will be starting the art  this term by carrying out observational drawings of our class plants (which the children will be looking after). We will then take these drawings as a base for prinitng later on. Meanwhile the children will be creating 3D models of each stage of the ‘butterfly’ life cycle. After half term we determine what is really meant by a balanced diet by colour-coding the various food groups e.g. proteins in red, carbohydrates in yellow, vitamins and minerals in green etc to create a  ‘a rainbow of colours’. With that, we will be planning our own healthy meal using our colour-coding strategy!


We will be outdoors this term, a chance to enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed) and develop our ball skills with a spot of tennis (watch out Andy Murray) and rounders. We will be developing orienteering skills as well as working as a team. Finally we will be taking part in athletic activities to prepare the children for our annual sports day. There is, in addition, a ‘Skipathon’ planned too!


This term we will start by looking at celebrations. What do different faiths celebrate events?  The children will initially reflect on the Easter story and how this relates to ‘new life’. How do other faiths celebrate new life? After half term we will look at the Christian Creation story and how other faiths consider creation; that some questions are big and mysterious.


This term in music we will be exploring different sounds ranging from; those of rhymical animals and sounds that we can make with our bodies. We will also be learning about tempo and how this can realte to our heart when exercising. A class song will also be learnt – I will not say any more than that, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!




Stratford Butterfly Farm

Stratford Butterfly Farm 1
Stratford Butterfly Farm 2
Stratford Butterfly Farm 3
Stratford Butterfly Farm 4
Stratford Butterfly Farm 5
Stratford Butterfly Farm 6
Stratford Butterfly Farm 7
Stratford Butterfly Farm 8
Stratford Butterfly Farm 9
Stratford Butterfly Farm 10
Stratford Butterfly Farm 11
Stratford Butterfly Farm 12
Stratford Butterfly Farm 13
Stratford Butterfly Farm 14
Stratford Butterfly Farm 15
Stratford Butterfly Farm 16
Stratford Butterfly Farm 17
Stratford Butterfly Farm 18
Stratford Butterfly Farm 19
Stratford Butterfly Farm 20
Stratford Butterfly Farm 21
Stratford Butterfly Farm 22
Stratford Butterfly Farm 23
Stratford Butterfly Farm 24
Stratford Butterfly Farm 25
Stratford Butterfly Farm 26
Stratford Butterfly Farm 27
Stratford Butterfly Farm 28
Stratford Butterfly Farm 29

Another visitor

Another visitor 1
Another visitor 2
Another visitor 3
Another visitor 4
Another visitor 5
Another visitor 6
Another visitor 7
Another visitor 8
Another visitor 9
Another visitor 10
Another visitor 11
Another visitor 12
Another visitor 13
Another visitor 14
Another visitor 15
Another visitor 16
Another visitor 17
Another visitor 18
Another visitor 19
Another visitor 20
Another visitor 21
Another visitor 22
Another visitor 23
Another visitor 24
Another visitor 25
Another visitor 26
Another visitor 27
Another visitor 28
Another visitor 29
Another visitor 30

Day 3-They're here!!

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Red Nose Day Run!

Red Nose Day Run! 1
Red Nose Day Run! 2
Red Nose Day Run! 3
Red Nose Day Run! 4
Red Nose Day Run! 5
Red Nose Day Run! 6
Red Nose Day Run! 7
Red Nose Day Run! 8
Red Nose Day Run! 9
Red Nose Day Run! 10
Red Nose Day Run! 11
Red Nose Day Run! 12
Red Nose Day Run! 13

Cotswold Falconry Centre

Cotswold Falconry Centre 1
Cotswold Falconry Centre 2
Cotswold Falconry Centre 3
Cotswold Falconry Centre 4
Cotswold Falconry Centre 5
Cotswold Falconry Centre 6
Cotswold Falconry Centre 7
Cotswold Falconry Centre 8
Cotswold Falconry Centre 9
Cotswold Falconry Centre 10
Cotswold Falconry Centre 11
Cotswold Falconry Centre 12
Cotswold Falconry Centre 13
Cotswold Falconry Centre 14
Cotswold Falconry Centre 15
Cotswold Falconry Centre 16
Cotswold Falconry Centre 17
Cotswold Falconry Centre 18
Cotswold Falconry Centre 19
Cotswold Falconry Centre 20
Cotswold Falconry Centre 21
Cotswold Falconry Centre 22
Cotswold Falconry Centre 23
Cotswold Falconry Centre 24
Cotswold Falconry Centre 25
Cotswold Falconry Centre 26
Cotswold Falconry Centre 27
Cotswold Falconry Centre 28
Cotswold Falconry Centre 29
Cotswold Falconry Centre 30
Cotswold Falconry Centre 31
Cotswold Falconry Centre 32
Cotswold Falconry Centre 33
Cotswold Falconry Centre 34
Cotswold Falconry Centre 35
Cotswold Falconry Centre 36
Cotswold Falconry Centre 37
Cotswold Falconry Centre 38
Cotswold Falconry Centre 39
Cotswold Falconry Centre 40

Observational Drawing

Observational Drawing  1
Observational Drawing  2
Observational Drawing  3
Observational Drawing  4
Observational Drawing  5
Observational Drawing  6
Observational Drawing  7

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