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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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Meet the Year Two Team
Miss Woskett(Class Teacher), Mrs Shackleton (TA)
Mrs FP (TA), Mrs Harrison (TA) and Mrs Wright (TA) 


Throughout the year we will update our class page with our current Topic Overview, Parent Letters and pictures that display all the exciting learning that takes place. 

Maths Activity of the week


​Count forwards and backwards in 2,3, 5 and 10's from any number.


Friday Night at Miss Woskett's House


​The chicks have settled in well. They are curled up sleeping under the lamp to keep warm. Good Night Year 2 :)


Sleepy Saturday


Even the excitement of the snow this morning hasn't stopped our friendly bunch from sleeping. I might have to go and wake them up soon. It's cleaning out time. Look out for the pictures.


​The chicks have now been cleaned out. They are enjoying gulping down their water, eating, sleeping and then waking each other up again. I wonder what they will do this afternoon?



Super Sunday

The chicks have been cleaned out and are ready to watch some TV. I have moved them into the lounge so they have a different view. They are currently curled up sleeping under the lamp...AGAIN!
Have a close look at the pictures today. They have started to get feathers coming through on their wings.









Thursday 21st April

Wednesday 20th April

Monday 18th April

Friday 15th April. We came into 3 more chicks this morning. What a wonderful surprise! We were all extremely excited when we held them too.

Thursday 14th Apri- What a very exciting day in year 2!

Wednesday 13th April- We have chicks!

Tuesday 12th April 5pm

Tuesday 12th April 5pm 1

​Summer Term Information

Oh Dear Geoffrey

Letter Formation printable

Click on the link below which will take you to the school curriculum links page. On it you will find website links for different subjects. Some will be for all age groups, while others will be specifically for  KS1 or  2.