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On this page you will find lots of information about all the lovely learning we get up to in Year 1. Why not scroll down the page to see parent letters, topic overviews and links to useful websites? Also, keep checking back for photo updates as we move through our topics this year. 

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June 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Welcome back! This final letter is somewhat bitter sweet – on one hand I am very excited to tell you all about the final topic of the year…on the other hand I am sad we are coming to an end! Anyway, we are going to dive right into this topic and finish the year with a splash! I hope you find the following information of some use.


Topic – Splish, Splash, Splosh


Ways to help your child



First of all we will be looking at the features of non-fiction texts, with an ‘Under-the-sea theme’! We will be using books and websites to research creatures and create our own non-fiction texts and presentations. We will then splash our way into the genre of stories with familiar settings thinking about all sorts of adventures you can have at the seaside. A chance for you to visit the library and look out for all books water and seaside related.



We will spend the term revising, reinforcing, using and applying the skills and techniques we have learnt throughout the year. Spend time challenging your child to solve problems using number and calculation strategies – sharing objects between people for division, giving change for subtraction, adding up prices for addition and counting wheels on bikes for multiplication. Have fun!



In line with our Literacy work we will be comparing and contrasting a wide range of incredible sea creatures and discovering how they are adapted to survive in their environment. Once we have surfaced we will be thinking about travelling on the surface by designing and sailing our own boats. Think about what boats are made from, have fun in the bath with floating and sinking and think about the best material for sail.



We are going to be looking at similarities and differences between sea-side holidays of the past and those today. Furthermore we are going to learn about the exciting real life heroine Grace Darling.



We will be combining text and graphics to make postcards, birthday cards and other print media with a fish theme. Spend time looking at online clip art and how this can be transferred into a text format – perhaps generating an animal fact sheet for English.



Making sea creatures, painting seaside scenes, observational drawings of sea creatures and appreciating seaside art and design. It’s going to be a fun filled and busy term and we would love to see some art work from home if the children are inspired!



Alongside the rest of the school we start the term following the ‘Protective Behaviours’ curriculum (you should have received a leaflet and letter before the holiday about this) asking the children to think about feeling safe, considering ‘Early Warning Signs’ to not feeling safe, and ways to build up networks of trust. We will end the year thinking about moving on to Year 2.



We will be enjoying some games of rounders – starting the term with a infant department rounders tournament. We will also be building up to Sports Day later in the term with a unit on athletics – running, jumping and throwing skills at the ready!



What makes a good leader? Who are the people who lead you in life? Questions I will be posing to the children. We will look at leaders in both Christianity and Judaism and consider why these people are important in their respective faiths.



We will be using water and the seaside to inspire our work this half term. From seaside sounds, to fish compositions and holiday songs we will be bringing together all aspects of the music curriculum for some Splish, Splash, Splosh fun!



Home/School Links

The easiest way to communicate is via book bags and in your home/school book as these are checked daily. It is an invaluable communication tool and if we miss something one day, we are almost bound to pick it up the next. In the cloakroom windows and by the back door are a number of laminated notices. These will hold information about what your child will be learning, what our current topic is, our PE days, reading timetables and other information about the week ahead. Please come and check these notices whenever you can.


Reading Books:

We will continue to change the children’s books once a week on a specified day, sending them home books to meet your child’s needs. The reading timetable is displayed in the cloakroom window and is also the Show and Tell timetable. However, please do not limit yourselves to school reading books….read anything and everything – the world really does begin to make sense with reading and given the nature of the first 3 weeks of English we may see a surge in interest in Non-Fiction books.


PE Kits and other clothes

Please ensure that your child has a full (labelled) PE kit in school at all times – PE shorts, PE t-shirt, plimsolls. I’m hoping we will be sending plenty of time outside so trainers are definitely advisable. Thursday afternoon is Art/DT afternoon and it’s really important that your child has a painting apron or old t-shirt/shirt in school for the whole term. Please send these in as soon as possible if they are not already with us.  


Water and Snacks

With the hotter weather (hopefully) upon us it is important to stay hydrated. We would be grateful if you could continue to send in a clearly name water bottle daily, which is only filled with water. However, please be reassured that the children do have access to a traditional ‘water fountain’ if they do forget their bottle. In KS1 children are provided with a free fruit or vegetable snack. You may wish to provide your child with a more personal or favourite choice of fruit or vegetable.



As the weather warms up please take time to consider sun protection. On hot and sunny days a hat will help the children stay sun safe and you may wish to provide your child with some sun cream to apply during the day. Please make sure that anything that is sent in is clearly named (we are unable to share sun cream) and easy for your child to apply. However, where possible, I would suggest an all day application be given before coming to school to keep things as simple as possible for all.


If you have any questions or queries then please come and see me. I am available after school for quick chats or for longer meetings please contact the office to arrange an appointment.


Many thanks


Yours sincerely


Miss E Jenkinson and Miss K Dixon


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