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We hope that you can visit our page lots during the year. We will be keeping it updated with photos of learning, important letters for parents; as well as the 'Maths Activity of the week'. We look forward to seeing you here again soon.

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Trip to the Fire Station

Year one and two had great fun when we visited the Fire station in Chipping Norton. We began by getting wet with the water hoses and all had a go at putting out a house fire using it.


Next the firemen showed us how to use the special equipment for different emergencies and we were all amazed when they lifted a table with 3 children sat on it with a small lever.


We loved learning about their uniform and trying our very own rescue with the heavy dummies. After investigating the inside of the fire engines and asking lots of questions it was time to set off the fire engine siren and lights before we headed back to school.



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