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Ms B Townend-Jowitt   

I have been a teacher since 1992, working in Yorkshire, Gloucestershire and now at Kingham. I am passionate about education, ensuring all pupils are provided with teaching and a curriculum that matches their needs and ensures they reach their full potential. Celebrating the whole child is one of my core values, meaning children are valued as individuals and do not become only a statistic. My main aim is to uphold the vision of Kingham Primary school whilst balancing the need for high academic standards and good teaching and learning across all phases of school.







 Assistant Headteacher

Miss K Smith


School Business Manager

Mrs V Barron


Office Manager/Enquiries

Mrs A Cherry




Assistant Office Manager 

Ms E Davis


 Chair of Governors







Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs S Harris




SEND Co and Educational Visits

Mrs R Adams







Headteacher: Ms B Townend-Jowitt






My favourite subject is maths and I am passionate about the teaching and learning of this core subject ensuring pupils develop a love of maths and are able to reason and articulate their learning and understanding. As assessment lead I aim to ensure pupils know what they do well and how they can improve their learning through high quality marking and feedback which ensures they make good progress.

Foundation Stage Teacher:

Head of FS/KS1



NQT mentor                          



Miss E Jenkinson                                                                                                             

Year 1 Teacher:


 Mrs K Cullip

Mrs R Adams (Mon/Tues)

Year 2 Teacher:

English (FS/KS1)

Global Learning

International Links

Outdoor learning


School council

 Miss L-A Woskett

Year 3 Teachers:



Miss J Ralf



Year 4 Teacher:



 Mr C Lamming

Year 5 Teacher:



International Links

NQT mentor

 Mrs E Mahony


Year 6 Teacher:

Assistant Headteacher

Head of KS2

English (KS2)


NQT / student mentor


 Miss K Smith



Teaching Assistants



Mrs S Hill, Miss E Poole, 

Mrs S Peachey, Mrs S Harris                              

 Year 1     

Mrs S Harris, Mrs C Devas, 

Mr C Mundy

  Year 2

Mrs L Shackleton,

Mrs C Harrison, Mrs C Wright

  Year 3

Mrs S Hill, Mrs S Keyte and Mrs N Hitchens

  Year 4

  Mrs E Yeatman

  Year 5

Mrs S Keyte, Mrs Jones 

Mrs M Smith, Mrs Hill

  Year 6

  Mrs C Harrison, Mr C Mundy



Lunchtime Play Leaders Mrs S Hill/Miss E Poole/Mrs C Devas/Mrs N Hitchens/Mrs S Harris  

Music Teacher

Mrs Jones


Computing Support Teacher

Mr N Speller

Kitchen Staff

Miss C Gregory/Mrs P Thornton


Cleaning staff

Regency cleaning