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Chipping Norton School's Partnership


We are part of the Chipping Norton School’s Partnership. There are 10 primary schools in the partnership along with a Nursery School and Chipping Norton Secondary School. The schools work closely together on a whole range of events including sports tournaments, art and topic days, dance festivals and concerts.  Link to Chipping Norton Partnership of Schools Community Learning Programme

Community Learning School Sport Year Group Programme

Chipping Norton Partnership of Schools (CNPS)


CNPS comprises Chipping Norton School and the ten feeder primary schools. We work together to enhance the learning of all of our children.  Each year CNPS staff and students run the following activities:


Festivals: We run a huge range of festivals including Dance, Ball Skills, School Olympics, U11 Swimming, Hockey, Football, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Sports Hall Athletics, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama and Street Dance.

Each year over 3000 primary children attend these events which are led by 250 CNS Young Leaders.


Able Gifted and Talented Workshops: Year 4 and 5 pupils, who have been nominated by their own teachers, attend a range of workshops led by CNS teachers. These include English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Art and Philosophy for Children.


Family Focus Activities: A chance for children and parents from Year 4, 5 and 6 to learn together. Family Focus takes place termly and includes Science, Art, ICT, Drama, Music, Dance, Design and Technology and Family First Aid.


Extra Time Clubs: CNS English, Maths and Science Departments run Extra Time clubs for Year 4 and 5 children who really enjoy and are excited by the subject. Pupils will develop their skills and work with specialist subject teachers. This year 200 children have applied for places at these clubs.

Family Focus Spring 2017

Family Focus Autumn 2016

Year 4 & 5 Extra Time Clubs

Feedback from parents and students.  

This is a summary of feedback from parents and pupils from the Year 4 & 5 Science, Maths and English Extra Time Clubs. Over 200 children attended the three blocks of 5 sessions. Feedback forms were sent home on the penultimate session and there was a very high return rate.

What was particularly good?

  • My daughter has really enjoyed the clubs; it has been great for her to meet other children from other school and get used to CNS ready for when she comes in a couple of years.
  • Tom liked learning ‘cool’ things.  He also liked having different teachers and seeing friend from other primary schools.  It has helped him become more familiar with CNS and surroundings.  He loved it.
  • Communication about the club, handover and collection.
  • Making new friends.
  • All the activities were amazing.  The teachers were fun and told us lots of interesting things. 
  • Using the Bunsen Burners at the Science Club.
  • Learning how to use all the things we were taught.

What could have been better?

  • Nothing, we loved it – more please!
  • Longer sessions please and run for more weeks.
  • Hand-outs to take home so I can remember what we have done and tell my parents.
  • Finishing on time (sometimes children have other activities straight after).
  • Would feel happier choosing her own partner.

Chipping Norton School runs one of the broadest ranges of enrichment and extension activities in Oxfordshire.  Are there any activities which could enhance our programme?

  • No, you have an extensive range of clubs.
  • Regular Science, Maths and English clubs
  • Art or Drama Club using CNS’s great facilities.
  • More regular ‘clubs’ and extra activities would be great, possibly French, Spanish and German for beginners.

Any other comments:

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.  You commitment and enthusiasm for these extra activities is amazing.  This club has developed my child’s interest and love of Science.  He can’t wait to come to CNS to do more Science.
  • Each session filled my son with enthusiasm.
  • Thank you and keep up the great work you all do. Thank you to all the teachers who gave their time.
  • I really enjoyed everything you taught us and wish it was longer.  Coming to Chipping Norton School does not seem scary either.
  • These sessions are a brilliant opportunity for the primary school children; we wish we could have more sessions available.
  • My daughters in Year 4 already consider CNS their school.  Year 7 will be easy.
  • Children get to meet lots of staff and see the class rooms they will use when they come to CNS.
  • My daughter has loved this club; it has undoubtedly increased her interest in Science and her confidence about Secondary School.
  • The teachers were great fun and I looked forward to going every week
  • All teachers were amazing. They kept all the children excited to learn.


Submission for TES Community and Collaboration Award for 2013-14