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Welcome to the Music page for Kingham Primary School. I am delighted to have taken over the lead from Mr Lamming and hope to continue taking the choir from strength to strength.


The first day in the diary is Wednesday 5th December, when we will be singing at the annual Christmas Carol Concert at church. 


We are also very excited to be attending the Young Voices concert in Birmingham on 22nd January 2019, and have been eagerly rehearsing our repertoire since September.


Mrs Warburton

Summer 2018

Please enjoy the recordings taken from the Summer Concert. Each song represents a year under Mr Lamming's direction. 

'When I grow up' - Year 1 - first performance in a competition at Chipping Norton Music Festival

'Defying Gravity - Year 2 - performed at Kingham Hill Choir competition - received best unison award

All for the best - Year 3 - performed at Kingham Hill Choir competition - received best technical and overall winners

You're welcome - Year 4 - a final piece to say thank you to the children and parents for all their hard work and support. 

When I Grow Up - Matilda.mp3

Defying Gravity - Wicked.mp3

All For the Best - Godspell.mp3

You're Welcome - Moana.mp3

Summer Concert

On Wednesday 18th, Years 3-6 put on a brilliant musical display, showcasing a whole range of instruments from strings, woodwind, brass to percussion. Due to so many instrumentalists auditioning, we took the decision to split the concert into lower and upper key stages. This led to more children able to perform to a packed hall of children and parents. The display of talent to see was brilliant, showing how far music has developed in the past few years at Kingham. 


A message from Mrs Townend-Jowitt


I believe music continues to be a strength at Kingham Primary School, particularly our choir and the provision of instrumental lessons. This year we have taken part in our fourth successful Carol concert in Churchill Church, this is becoming an enjoyable and regular feature that both children and parents look forward to each year. Our choir sang at the Lunch Club in the village hall to much commendation from members of the public.


Our old 'blue room' now named the music room is by far now a music practice room and is fully booked each and every day by peripatetic music teachers, including woodwind, violin, guitar and piano.


Our choir goes from strength to strength earning a ‘merit’ in the 106th Chipping Norton Music Festival and winning the ‘best unison’ at Kingham Hill Choir competition in May, earning school £300. This money along with the winnings from last year was used for whole school drumming workshops this week.


The number of pupils undertaking instrumental lessons this year has meant the auditions for the Summer concert were of an exceptionally high standard and we have ensured more pupils were able to take part by holding an afternoon and an evening concert.


A huge thank you, must of course go to Mr Lamming who has been the driving force behind the success of the school choir, we shall be sad to see him leave. School is currently investigating possibilities and options to ensure we are able to maintain the choir and its success over future years.


Thank you, also Mrs Jones, the music teachers and of course, the children for all your hard work and also to you the parents for supporting us.

Bretta Townend-Jowitt

Kingham Hill choir competition

On the 4th May, members of the choir travelled to up the hill to participate in the 8th annual Kingham Hill choir competition.  They were the first to sing in the competition and brilliantly performed both their pieces (recordings below). The other groups all sang to a very high standard and when it came to the results, it was a very tense wait! Due to our warm tone, rhythm and dynamic contrast, we won the best unison award. Congratulations to all members of the choir for their hard work and dedication. 

The project song.mp3

This is Me.mp3

Feedback from 106th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Merit overall performance


Over the Rainbow:

A nice way to start with those light airy 'oo' sounds. Expressive singing of the main song. In Wonderful World you again sang with an attractive, light sound. 


Bella Notte:

This performance had tender atmosphere and your tone had an attractive warmth. 


Seasons of Love:

There was energy in the words and you sang with real enthusiasm. 


Some very challenging songs sang with commitment and enthusiasm. 

Somewhere over the rainbow.mp3

Bella Notte.mp3

Seasons of love.mp3

The choir at Kingham Hill choir competition

The choir at Kingham Hill choir competition 1

On Friday 5th May 2017, members of the choir participated in the Kingham Hill choir competition. In the same competition in 2016, the choir had won 'best unison' performance so we had high hopes! After a short rehearsal, the choir were sent out ready to come back on stage to perform second. The first song was started brilliantly by Scarlett (Y6) with an unaccompanied solo, before the rest of the choir joined in with a mixture of unison and harmony singing. This was followed by the second song, 'All for the Best' from Godspell. (Both recordings below).


After two more performances from other schools, the judges left for their deliberations. During this time, the choirs and audience were kept entertained by the Kingham Hill Gospel Choir. Then it was time for the big reveal! 


Due to the nature and complexity of our performances, the choir were given 'Best Technical Performance' as well as 'Best Choir Overall'. This was something to be incredibly proud of and showed the hard work that all choir members have put in the last three years to build a very proficient choir. Thank you to all that came along!

All For The Best

Song 1 from Kingham Hill choir competition.

I See Fire

Song 2 from Kingham Hill choir competition.

The junior choir performing at the 105th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Photo provided by Festival

The junior choir performing at the 105th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Photo provided by Festival 1