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As you may be aware, this year we have started a new initiative called Maths Passport to improve the fluency and accuracy of the children’s mental mathematics. The underlying core point of the Maths Passport is to develop ‘mastery’ of basic number, place value and the four operations. Mastery is defined as having knowledge that can be recalled quickly and accurately, so that higher order problems can be solved efficiently and correctly.


Each passport has a set of targets that relate to number facts or skills which become progressively harder as they move through the passports. Each child has been assessed in order to find the correct starting passport and will now spend time each week with their teachers and peers practicing the different skills associated with their passport. When they have shown mastery of the skills and feel ready, they will be assessed again by their teacher. Once the entire passport is complete and the child has shown mastery of the targets, they will move to the next passport.

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