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Consultation on pre-school provision


Kingfishers Playgroup


Kingfishers Playgroup is an independent, charity and committee run group that provides childcare for children from 2 ½ -5 years. The playgroup primarily serves children from the local community and surrounding villages. It shares the purpose built foundation stage area with Sunshine class (reception) which includes 2 classrooms, separate toilet facilities, a covered outdoor veranda and a large grass and all weather area; in addition to the kitchen and office spaces. Children can attend playgroup for a combination of mornings, afternoons and lunches.


The staff from Kingfishers and the reception class staff work together to share expertise and resources and this supports the learning experience for all children and the transition for children who then go on to start at Kingham Primary. The playgroup, at times joins with the reception class. (Parents must apply for places at Kingham Primary School or other primary schools through the normal admission process.)


Kingfishers deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which covers children’s development from birth to the end of their first year at school. Each child is provided with a key person, an adult who develops a bond with the child, offering a settled, close relationship. Importantly, this person also talks to parents to make sure that each child is being cared for in the best way and shares information about the child’s development and progress.


Kingfishers staff are happy to show new parents around and answer any questions. Please telephone 01608 659502 for further information.