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Reception class have been busy creating exciting learning displays - take a look

In Year 1 we have loved transforming our classroom into Africa and learning about it's traditions and culture.

Mrs Cullip's Art around a book club....inspired by African texts. Our favourite activity was mod rocking Anansi the spider from the African Folktale. Thank you to Mrs Harrison for helping us each week! We had lots of fun and enjoyed hanging Anansi in his web.

Year 3/4 Netball Tournament. Well done, Tigers! (What happened, Pumas?)

2014-15 Art Club  Years 1 & 2


Week 1

We looked at the beautiful artwork of Nicky Chubb and were inspired by her seasonal tree paintings. We then created our own seasonal paintings by experimenting with acrylic paint on tiles.

Have a look at our creations!

Please visit Nicky’s website, or visit Moreton Gallery to see her work.


Week 2

We tried our hand at wire sculpting this week! We learnt the skill of forming shapes and persevered with twisting wire to enable them to be dipped into Fantasy Film Resin. See our photographs.

Week 3

We were inspired by beautiful mosaics and had a go ourselves. They were a lot trickier than first imagined and some of us were a little too entranced with the tesserae! 

Week 4

Elegant embossing!

Week 5/6

Drawing techniques

We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s sketches of sailboats and observed how he used different marks to depict rough and calm seas. We practised using his different sketching techniques.

Using what we learnt from Vincent Van Gogh we then applied this to our own sketches of soft toys.

Week 7-10

We continued with observational drawings, this time sketching a violin. We then selected sections of the sketch to enlarge and explored the use of colour.

After we were happy with our designs we copied our favourite one onto a printing tile.

We concluded art club by using inks and our tiles to make prints. Some of us made new designs too!


I hope you have enjoyed looking at our creations.