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The school is committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the National Curriculum. We aim to enable every child to master the important skills attitudes and knowledge they will need in the future.


We, like every other state primary school, follow the National Curriculum in accordance with our legal requirements. The core of the National Curriculum is the study of English, Mathematics and Science. These subjects are taught to and experienced by the pupils from Year 1 onwards. The school follows the Government's Letters and Sounds Programme to for the teaching of Phonics and primarily uses Oxford Reading Tree to support the teaching or early reading. Alongside these core subjects there are six foundation subjects: Art, Design Technology, History, Information Technology, Geography, Music, Physical Education and Religious Education. Personal, Social and Moral Education and French are also covered in our curriculum.


The delivery of our curriculum is through termly themes. The themes are chosen by the teacher often in conjunction with the children and may change from one year to the next depending on the staff and children’s interests at the time. The key objectives which need to be taught during the term are then incorporated into this theme to ensure full and effective coverage of the curriculum. This way the curriculum can be personalised to the children's needs and relevant to their interests, making it more engaging for them.


The curriculum list above divides the curriculum into specific subject areas, but good primary teaching involves the pupils in many areas at once. For example, a pupil may be doing a science activity, but also be using mathematical and reading skills, as well as recording results using writing skills. The science activity may also involve historical and geographical knowledge. The teaching staff of the school will plan for, and therefore, be aware of, the different components but will often incorporate them together in a series of engaging lessons.


Children also learn about and from the six major world religions for an hour each week following the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. We also offer children specialist Music and Sports tuition each week from external specialist teachers as a part of the normal school timetable.


The curriculum is about all the intended learning that takes place during the school day. We use a variety of teaching strategies to deliver the curriculum ranging from whole class, setting, groups, investigations/research and individual. At our school we provide a curriculum that caters for the development of the whole child so that all aspects of physical and intellectual growth can develop.


It is important to remember that because the school aims to meet the individual needs of the pupils, the activities and work of each class will be appropriate on an individual basis. Children do not all learn at the same speed, so children in the same class may often be working at different levels.