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Choir is run by Mr Lamming and Mrs Jones on a Thursday lunchtime. All children from Year 3-6 are able to come along and join in! We are currently rehearsing for the 106th Chipping Norton Music Festival on Saturday 10th March (time tbc). 

In May, we will be returning to Kingham Hill to take part in the very enjoyable choir competition. 


The choir at Kingham Hill choir competition

The choir at Kingham Hill choir competition 1

On Friday 5th May 2017, members of the choir participated in the Kingham Hill choir competition. In the same competition in 2016, the choir had won 'best unison' performance so we had high hopes! After a short rehearsal, the choir were sent out ready to come back on stage to perform second. The first song was started brilliantly by Scarlett (Y6) with an unaccompanied solo, before the rest of the choir joined in with a mixture of unison and harmony singing. This was followed by the second song, 'All for the Best' from Godspell. (Both recordings below).


After two more performances from other schools, the judges left for their deliberations. During this time, the choirs and audience were kept entertained by the Kingham Hill Gospel Choir. Then it was time for the big reveal! 


Due to the nature and complexity of our performances, the choir were given 'Best Technical Performance' as well as 'Best Choir Overall'. This was something to be incredibly proud of and showed the hard work that all choir members have put in the last three years to build a very proficient choir. Thank you to all that came along!

All For The Best

Song 1 from Kingham Hill choir competition.

I See Fire

Song 2 from Kingham Hill choir competition.

The junior choir performing at the 105th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Photo provided by Festival

The junior choir performing at the 105th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Photo provided by Festival 1

Feedback from 105th Chipping Norton Music Festival - Commended overall performance


Stand By Me:

You responded well to the Gospel 3/4 feel, with some heartfelt expression along the way. Focus was calm and assured in this rhythmic performance. The choral unison was nicely blended and grew in confidence as you went on.


I See the Light:

You caught the nostalgic flavour from the start in the 'Tangled' ballad, with a warm grasp of the ballad feel. Harmony work was nicely balanced and can be more confident. I enjoyed the optimism that came through later - just right for the character's journey. Facial expression helped to bring this to life.


I See Fire:

The assured solo set up the Ed Sheeran very well. Focus from everyone else was still and assured too, drawing the audience in. Again, a good response to the musical style, with clear words along the way. Energised, engaging singing here, with some effective solos and backing vocals later!


An enjoyingly varied programme here, well-memorised and with committed focus from all.